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The best Anavar

The Best Anavar, it is a question that is asked many times. Anavar is a very popular drug of choice by both Men and Women. Quite simply Anavar mg for mg is one of the best and safest Anabolic Steroids a person could take.
Low dosage Anavar will not supress the HPTA, or rather be as quick to supress the HPTA as other similar steroids. Yes with a high enough dosage there will be shut down, but not at a low dosage. PCT, aska Post Cycle Therapy is also no where near the type of PCT you would need using other compounds such as Testosterone. Of course PCT is still wise, but often, a small amount of Clomid and Hcg is all one will need to have natural test levels back again.
The other great thing about Anavar is the type of gains the user will make. We are not talking about water weight like we would be if the user was using Dianabol. We are talking about quality lean muscle tissue which will hang around for much longer than the water weight will that many compounds will give you.

Good strength gains are common and also vascularity will start to be seen very early on. Of course Diet dependant, Anavar can give the user the best of both worlds. You can clean bulk using Anavar, and look to put on as much as 20lbs in weight at the end of your cycle, or you can obviously cut with Anavar too, and maintain the same weight, yet change body composition drastically.
The Pumps on Anavar can also be amazing. Some guys do not like the pumps, and often the pumps in the lower back can become a problem, but for others, the pump is actually quite enjoyable. Just the simplest of exercises in the gym can have muscle bursting out. Not being able to move your arms because your biceps are pumped full of blood is a satisfying feeling .
Now regarding Libido, since Anavar can have both a positive effect or a negative effect on the User. Some report Libido increase, some report a decrease. I can tell you from personal experience, legit Anavar at high dosage will affect your libido negatively. This is pretty easy to negate though by adding Proviron into the equation. Just 50mg of Proviron a day will help with Libido issues and at the same time will also magnify the ability of the Anavar, and give the users muscles a “harder” look.
Now of course, as well as adding Muscle and Strength, Anavar also takes fat away! That’s right! Anavar will eat at your fat reserves, giving you fast composition change.

So how would a typical cycle using Anavar look?
Well, again, it is lab dependant. Unfortunately because many labs under dose products, especially Anavar, you will find some crazy dosages online. This is because the product is under dosed and the user is having to use much more to obtain the effects.

My cycle below is involving good Anavar that is dosage correctly. My personal preference is a lab called Dunning Labs, a small company in the UK or another lab, also based in the UK called Dimension Labs. These are the only two labs I would trust regarding Anavar at the moment and online testing results have proved they are legit. So anyways, the cycle.

Anavar can be done alone without any other products, it is preferred by myself to always add Testosterone as a base BUT, if I was to do an Anavar only cycle, this is the protocol I would follow.

Anavar only cycle for 10 weeks MAX
ANAVAR per day 60mg. (3 x 20mg tablets per day)
PROVIRON per day 50mg. ( 2x 25mg tablets per day)

As always, make sure you drink plenty of water whilst you are running the above cycle, and if you do want Liver Protection at the same time, I personally do not, but if you do, choose Milk Thistle.

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