Anabolic Steroid Test Results

Isis TestoMastTren 400

Isis TestoMastTren 400 which is supposed to be 400mg per ml of various Esters. being Test Enan 200mg , Tren Enan 100 mg , Masteron Enan 100 mg

Vial and packaging for Isis Labs looks fantastic!
Very professional looking.


Results of Testing.

Summary of Lab results for ISIS TestoMastTren 400
Isis TestoMastTren 400 contains 83mg per ml of Testosterone Enanthate and 22mg of Trenbolone Enanthate, and 13mg of Masteron Enanthate. This means the total content, which should amount to 400mg per ml, actually contains only 118mg of Hormone. Showing ISIS TestoMastTren 400 to be massively underdosed.
Therefore, ISIS LABS are a lab that will NOT be recommended by our site.

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