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Alpha Pharma, also known as Alpha Pharmaceuticals is a very popular lab amongst the buyers of Anabolic Steroids. Most of the reviews online about Alpha Pharma are extremely positive, but like with every lab out there, you will get a bunch of bad reviews as well. We decided to look into Alpha Pharma in detail, including Lab Test results, so we could find out for ourselves, just how good, or bad, Alpha Pharma really is.

The name Alpha Pharma suggests the lab is not a UGL, and is in-fact a pharma grade product. If this was the case, then Alpha Pharma would not find itself on our UGL site today. After research, our findings tell us, that actually, Alpha Pharma is indeed a UGL (Underground Lab), but a VERY GOOD UGL, in the way it looks. Highly professional looking, probably the best looking UGL on the scene at the moment.

Looks can be deceptive though, and so onto testing we went, with some lab results on various products produced by Alpha Pharma. Our first test was on a product called Testorapid.

Alpha Pharma TestoRapid


Testorapid comes in glass ampoule’s, with each glass ampule containing 1ml of product. The contents of Testorapid are alleged to be 100mg of Testosterone Propionate. The actual content showed the 1ml to contain 104 mg of Testosterone Propionate! This means that not only is the product accurately dosaged, but over the stated dosage. Result below.


So after a great result on the Testorapid, (Testosterone Propionate) How would Alpha Pharmas Deca check out, Below we found out.

Alpha Pharma Nandrobolin 250


AP Nandrobolin is alleged to contain 250 mg per ml of Nandrolone Decanoate in a 1ml glass ampule. Once again, great results with APs Product showing 249mg per ml of Deca within the 1ml ampule. Whilst this is ever so slightly under the labels claims, it is only 1mg, and hardly worth mentioning. We would certainly state this to be accurately dosaged and once again, gets our seal of approval. Lab result below.


Alpha Pharma Testobolin


We couldn’t leave this thread without a test on the main product we all use being Testosterone Enanthate. the product is called Testobolin, with each glass ampule containing 1ml with the ml containing 250mg. Once again fantastic result shown. The ampule showed a whopping 263mg of Testosterone Enanthate. Above and beyond the call of duty. We are highly impressed with Alpha lab steroids and would recommend them to anyone who asked. We have included the Lab test below.



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