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Dimension Lab, or is it d hack?

One of our readers sent in a review on a lab known as Dimension Lab, who he believes to be D Hack labs, a very popular local UK lab that was making some great products at great prices.

Been using Dimension lab products for 3 weeks now and can report this is a great product. I have a friend also using the same lab and he is running the same cycle as i am. We are using Tren Ace at 300mg per week, Test Prop at 300mg per week, and Anavar at 100mg per day.  My lifts in the gym have already gone up, my libido has skyrocketed and i have gained 9lb but i look much tighter, so I’m sure i have lost body fat as well as gained weight. I’m controlling water with some pharma grade Arimidex.

My friend claims that this lab we are using is in fact dhacks, or d hack labs as its also known. I had used dhacks clen and dhacks ultraburn in the past, and it worked really well, but i have never used any of the steroid range and therefore cant compare dimension lab with d hack. Looking at the picture though, Dimension lab steroids look almost identical to dhacks steroids.



Not that it matters to me to be honest. I am just reporting that this product is 100% good to go. It would be good if you could get us a lab result on this product. If you need any oil or tablets to get a lab result, let me know and i will forward 1ml / 1 tablet to you.


Yes i would agree with the reviewer above that the labs do indeed look very similar, but do we need to focus any time or energy on comparing both labs?  Having used d hacks lab steroids myself, i can offer my own review! Dhacks Steroids are good to go, no doubt about it. They seemed accurately dosaged and i had some of the best gains using it. If indeed, Dimension lab steroids is the same lab, great!!! If not, great also! Who cares!! Our opinion, Dimension Lab gets our seal of approval.

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  1. Using dimension labs ultra burn, I’m only on it a few days but I can definitely say this product is ace. I have used Eph HCL and Ephedra extract before and ultra burn is a lot stronger for sure. Energy is thru the roof and appetite is almost non existent on one pill. 2 pills is too many for me, I practically vomited when I tried 2 pills and got very edgy/nervous so one pill is loads. Feels like it’s gonna be a good product and I personally think they are accurately dosed, if anything maybe overdosed! Lol

    • I agree. A guy who trains at my gym has been using it, and getting fantastic gains but delt site shots can be painful at 2ml and above. 1ml split is the advice.

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