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Who am i? uk-m, ghostgym, MT

So it seems my little review site is kicking up some talk on various forums including UK Muscle, MT and Ghostgym. So i thought i would clear a couple of things up.

Firstly, this site is not designed to promote any one lab. If that seems the case at the moment, i can only apologize. We are new, lack of content has perhaps made it look like we favor Alpha Pharma, Dhacks, Dimension, Ironsup, but we are only posting the information that is given to us at the time.

The lab results on this site ARE NOT lab results that we have completed, but lab results others have completed that we have found and brought here.  Reviews will also be brought here as members submit them, reviews on ALL ugl labs, big or small.

Who am i

Yes, i am a member on many bodybuilding forums which include pretty much all of them. (i work for myself and have lots of spare time) I am a moderator on 3 of those forums.  I am 37 years old, living in the UK, and i have been using Anabolic Steroids for the last 12years. I have competed locally and i am a part owner of a small local gym.

I do brew steroids for myself and have done for the last decade. I DO NOT sell steroids, and have never sold anything i have brewed for myself. My Raw supplier is as good as it gets, (of course i would never share that info either) and i take the brewing process VERY seriously. I remove metal contaminants from my product, and filter bacteria down to 0.2um.

I have no reason to lie to anyone about anything here. The results and reviews are real, they are taken from across the net. As a UGL Owner, or Reseller, i do understand that certain people will be upset from the various reviews that will be posted here. So i offer this.. If you are associated with a particular lab that we mention, and you believe unfairly so, contact me using the form below, let me know the lab and the problem. I really am not here to upset anyone, all i want to do is collect lab reviews in one place, and offer my newsletter quarterly. So i repeat, if i have upset you, please contact me, and i will work with you to correct it. For example, perhaps you are a lab that DOES remove metals. If this is the case, simply take a picture of your “metal removing object” lol… and i will edit or add the information here so everyone can see.

Lets work together to clean up the UGL world, there is no need to be against me here. If you are a legit lab/seller, then you will appreciate the value of sites like mine. It is only those that are not legit that would have a problem with it.

PS, It is also worth mentioning the fact that i often have and do purchase Anabolic Steroids from labs when i do not have a particular product, or it does not make sense to purchase so much raw for personal use… Also, i have many members of my gym using many labs, i hear many reviews and i see infections.


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