Anabolic Steroid Test Results

How do i test my Growth Hormone

This is pretty common knowledge amongst Growth Hormone users, so forgive me for teaching many of you to suck eggs, but for those that do not know how to find out if your Growth Hormone is real, this test will give you an idea.. It is not the most accurate way since results can vary greatly, BUT it will give you an indication.

The amount of fake Growth Hormone out there is just astounding! I have seen fakes of fakes! Of course, a fake does not always mean that it is inactive, there are many good fakes that work and contain what they should contain and thus who cares! Sadly, there are many counterfeits out there that contain nothing of any use.

Over the years, i have seen fake Norditropin, blue tops, yellow tops, green tops,Kigtropin, Hygetropin, Riptropin etc…  Whilst this test will give us an idea, please remember that results can vary massively, based upon the users age, size, and many other factors..

So the idea behind this test is to go to the Doctors to get your bloods drawn. Fasting before the test is not necessary although avoiding exercise is important.

  1. 3-4 Hours before the Visit to the Doctor, Inject 10iu of Growth Hormone. (Injecting IntraMuscular is best)
  2. Wait for your blood results, which should show a serum level of between 15-50+ ng/ml

If the result you get back show the result to be MUCH lower, then the chances are your HGH is fake or underdosed, but understand as stated above that results can differ greatly between individuals performing the test.

The sure fire way of knowing your HGH is gtg, is trusting your source, using it, and sides experienced.

Some of the side effects i myself personally find, is Water Retention (Often gaining as much as 15lb within 2 weeks), CTS (Carpel Tunnel Syndrome) Joint Pain, and of course skin tightening,(although this will often take longer to surface.)

I have seen many Sources selling HGH and claiming that you will not see results for many months, or that the sides experienced above are with poorly manufactured Growth… i call BULL!   My experience with Growth Hormone has given me results within the same month i have started, and in combination with other Compounds, results can be quick!

It is important to remember that HGH can degrade pretty quickly if not kept in the right environment/temps.


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