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How safe is Tren?

Many of us using Anabolic Steroids will at one time or another come across Trenbolone, in one of its many forms. Australian Researchers studied rats given Trenbolone dosages, and the results were quite remarkable.

Julius Vida, who wrote :- Androgens and Anabolic Agents: Chemistry and Pharmacology, Described Trenbolone as a type of super-Nandrolone. The rats when injected with the Tren did show similar sides as those Rats injected with Nandrolone, although, and obviously, the Androgenic and Anabolic effects of Tren were much stronger than those of the Nandrolone, although compared with Testosterone Propionate, the androgenic effects for Tren were noticeably lower.

The Australian researchers gave half the Rats 2mg of Tren per kg of Bodyweight daily for a period of 6 weeks!  In a Human, this dosage would equate to roughly 20-30mg of Trenbolone per day. (140-210mg of Trenbolone per week)

In a nutshell, 6 weeks later at the end of the study, the Rats that had been given the Trenbolone were more ripped than other rats given nothing. They had gained both lean mass and lost quite alot of fat mass!


The “Trenbolone Rats” prostate however was enlarged by 49%, but after more examination, found the prostate to be in good shape, no inflammation and certainly no cancerous cells. The likely reason is because Trenbolone reduced the Estradiol level.


It was also found that the Rats insulin sensitivity was increased, although probably as a result of a change in body composition.

The level of triglycerides and LDL in the Tren rats blood levels dropped, which is a positive effect, although HDL levels also decreased which is a negative effect.

The Study also showed no effect on liver enzymes within the Tren Rats over a 6 week period using minimal dosages, which concluded that Tren when used sensibly and controlled is not dangerous for the liver.

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