Anabolic Steroid Test Results

Lab Test Results

The following Labs were sent away for testing.

Cambridge Research Deca 300
Dunning Labs Test 250
Euro Pharma Sustanon 250
Infiniti Ultratest 375
Sphinx Tren Ace 100

I will add the pdfs to the next newsletter that is due out next month. If you wish to see the actual breakdown of each Labs contents, then subscribe to us and we will add you to the Newsletter list.

  • Cambridge Research Deca 300 Did Contain Nandrolone Decanoate, but was Under the stated Dosage. The Stated Dosage Claimed 300mg per ml, The Actual Dosage was 146mg per ml.
  • Dunning Labs Test 250 Did Contain Testosterone Enanthate, with the Stated Dosage Claimed to be 250mg per ml. The Actual Dosage was 263mg per ml of Testosterone Enanthate. Dunning Labs Test250 Contained More than the stated Dosage.
  • EuroPharma Sustanon 250 Did not Contain the blend of Esters that the label suggests it contains. 56mg of Testosterone Propionate and 41mg of Testosterone Enanthate was found, giving a total dosage of 97mg of Testosterone Blends. Under the stated Dosage and Inaccurately described.
  • Infiniti Ultratest375 Did not Contain any Active ingredients. Only Oil was found.
  • Sphinx Tren Ace 100 Did Contain Trenbolone Acetate, but was Under the stated Dosage. The Stated Dosage Claimed 100mg per ml, The Actual Dosage was 87mg per ml

I have asked for the vials to be returned to us. The Infiniti result does not make much sense since some guys do report good gains on it.  It is possible that the Infiniti is a fake and so i will add a picture of the Infiniti vial into the next newsletter so you can compare against your own. We are certainly not claiming that Infiniti is bulk at this stage, but we are claiming that the Vial tested was bunk.


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    • Richard. If you check through our pages you will see there are numerous labs that we have seen test results for, and numerous labs we have said are good, likewise, there are numerous labs we have said are poor. I am sorry you think that we are promoting Dunning Labs, and perhaps, it does indeed look like we are, but that is only because Dunning Labs as well as Dimension Labs are as good as we have found so far. Give us an alternative that is just as good, and after testing we will promote it JUST AS MUCH.. end of. enjoy your day.

  1. I ran over 5 bottles test e and tren e of Cambridge the oils didn’t even take me any bigger than what the dbol did , my opinion orals ok oils pretty god damn shit

  2. Sphinx pharma and triumph are the best 2 labs I’ve tried this year 2018 and I’m stinking with theses 2 labs gear is on point and the prices are fair not over priced. Made some pretty good solid gains from theses 2 labs.

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