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Got some great information guys from a lab called Dunning Labs. They have been following our updates and were interested with our recent Lab Report on the Test 200 they produce which came back overdosed. Just yesterday we got lab results back on there new product which is called Test 250. The Lab results were fantastic showing low solvent ratios as well as being overdosed. We spoke to the lab and got many of our concerns and query’s answered, giving us a little  insight into the world of UGL’s. The Lab Analysis report on the Dunning Labs Test 250 is below.


  • Your recent test results on your Test250 came back fantastic! Undoubtedly the best test results we have seen on a UGL’s product so far, hopefully your dosages will continue.

Thank you. We will get even better too. i was hoping the powder quality would be so good that we would be able to take the solvent ratio down to just 1% on both. We did make this particular batch that you see above, #0001 at 1% on both solvents but the lab results above show the BA to be 4% and the BB to be 6%. This means the Raws that we got were not as pure as we were led to believe, and whilst they are far superior to the many Raws on the UK Market at the moment, we are still not 100% happy with the results, and thus, on Batch #0002 we will re-adjust again and attempt to get closer to the 1% claims that we gave on the first Batch by removing the small amount of solvent powders within the Raws ourselves.

  • Why are you so concerned with Solvent Ratios?

High Solvent Ratios cause Pip. Yes, there are many other reasons for Pip, but a high solvent ratio is often the culprit. If you are using poor quality Raws, they may often arrive at such a low purity, i have seen Raws in the UK tested at just 35%!!!!   That means within that powder is more BA and BB than actual hormone!  The Brewer then adds a further amount of BA and BB, and suddenly we have a hugely under dosed product that has a huge Solvent ratio that will undoubtedly cause Pip and even Fever.  Our Powders are tested at 70% pure. We remove the Solvents ourselves in the lab, which then gives us a final pure product. We have had some good reports so far on smoothness. You can follow this thread which we hope will be full of great reviews in time. dunninglabs

  • Often with new UGL’s on the Scene, Quality can slip.. How can we be sure your quality of product will remain the same throughout production?

We are very lucky to have a customer who has a friend who can test every batch we produce for us, at our cost of course! We are extremely happy to pay for our Raws and Products to be tested on every Batch we produce, so that our Customers can be confident that they are ALWAYS getting what they ask for and MORE! We overdose every vial, we overfill every tub, we overfill every vial, and our prices are competitive too.

  • One question that has come up time and time again recently is regarding the brewing process and metal removals. Is this something you take seriously?

Of course!! After removal of Solvents from the powders, we then Mag Stir for no less than 24hours before filtering at the smallest size possible. 0.2um.  Our environment is perfect for our Brewing Process, with septa transfer within an isolator as the final step. Our aim is to be the best, consistently. It is worth noting one of the biggest enemy’s of a popular UGL is the competition.. The amount of BS online about labs is unbelievable. With guys claiming they got ill using this lab, or another lab is under dosed, or the pip is crippling with this one etc etc.. We hope by testing every single batch we produce, we can cut down on the BS reports from anyone claiming our product to be anything other than what we have proven. Our Lab results will show low solvents, and accurate dosages, so any reports of Pip or Under dosed will be invalid!

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  1. Is there any way to find a trusting source in the uk? Have emailed dunning directly but no reply but I know they are a source rather than a supplier so to speak

  2. Use this product I think it’s one of the best.. Having trouble getting how would I go about of getting of here is there a site I could go too ta

  3. Where can I buy Dunning Labs Anavar? Roidfreaks don’t have it listed, Dimensionlabs seem to be no more. JD, is that JD-Pharma? If so, can’t see it on their website.

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