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This is my  Pharmacom Deca Review, which i purchased from an online source.
I am a weightlifter with over 15years of experience in bodybuilding, holding nvq levels in BAWLA. My knowledge on Anabolic Steroids is limited to be fair, but i have been using them for the last 10 years.
I am located within the UK and have used many UGL and Pharma Grade labs, far too many to mention here.
My stack was a classic mass gainer. Test Prop used as a kick starter, with Testosterone Cypionate and Nandrolone Decanoate used from Week 1 and onto Week 14.
My current supplier was out of town and thus i was forced to shop online for a compound i was short on, that being Nandrolone Decanoate.
After much research, i decided i would opt for Pharmacom Deca. It was getting great reviews over at eroids, and with fast shipping and ease of obtaining, i decided to take the plunge.
I was disappointed with the price at £39.99 to be honest, but i spend far more on supplements weekly and thus dived in and purchased 2 x 10ml multi dose vials.

The product looked great! No expense spared on labeling, and certainly inspired confidence that with effort made on outer packaging, as much effort was likely to be made on inner product!


I did read on iron magazine that the product was under dosed, with the following claim.

Actual content: Pharmacom Labs PHARMA Nan D300 was determined to have actual content of 280.54 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate.

This was not read before i purchased, but in all honesty, even if i had read the above Mass Spectrometry Result, i would likely have still purchased. One thing i have come to learn when dealing with UGL’s is that many of the products you purchase will often contain dosages well below the label claim. 20mg per ml in my opinion is not a complete catastrophe and thus i was happy to use the deca, although the heavy price looked even heavier!

My cycle went well, with gains made as expected. Deca dick did occur which was dealt with by adding cabergoline into the equation. I gained a total of 12lb. I would like to have gained more since it was a mass gainer, but diet was pretty clean, meaning i could go into my cutting phase with a reasonable starting point.
I would certainly recommend Pharmacom Deca 300, and i would not read too much into the online lab results for the Deca, especially since they were old results. In my opinion, the Pharmacom Deca is clean, sterile, accurately dosaged and as described. The only complaint is the price at £39.99. In my opinion, £30 is the most anyone should be paying for Nandrolone Decanoate, dosaged at 300mg per ml in the UK.

Adrian Reynolds

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  1. I found the pharmacom website online but there’s no way I’m paying £40 for a 10ml vial of deca when I can get it from other sources online for £25.. Who the hell pays that much?

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