Anabolic Steroid Test Results

Keifei T-ENTBOLIN-250 Injection

Test results are in for a lab one of the guys at the gym is using. a lab called KEIFEI. They do have a website online which can be found at

Fabulous looking Laboratory which would pass as pharma grade. The product packaging is as good as it gets, with a superb security feature in place checkable on the website to verify authentication.
Keifei do a wide range of products and we have another 3 products from Keifei we have sent away for analysis. Results on those to follow shortly.

For this particular analysis, Keifei T-Entbolin-250 in a 10ml vial was tested.


The label claims were Testosterone Enanthate at 250mg per ml.

Our Analysis showed those Test results to be extremely accurate, (within 2mg)
It is extremely hard for any Lab, especially a UGL to get dosage so accurate to the label claim. It is our opinion, that Keifei is a VERY good product.

Keifei Test250 results below.


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