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stacking deca with testosterone

Whilst chatting with the guys in the gym about various cycles we are all running, the one compound that seems to be used less and less than in times gone by is Nandrolone Decanoate aka Deca!
We know of the famous test and deca cycle, but lately Trenbolone Enanthate has been used as a replacement, and whilst it is indeed a super replacement, for me, at least, Deca will always play a huge role in all of my cycles.

Why stack Deca?
Nandrolone Decanoate is the strongest mass building anabolic steroid ever created. It packs on genuine muscle mass like nothing else!
Not only does it pack on size, but it does so relatively safely with no adverse affects on the liver like many of the other compounds guys often choose.
I am one of those guys that do struggle to take in enough calories during any phase of my bodybuilding, especially the bulking months, but Deca always helps here with great appetite stimulation. I know many guys can get the same appetite stimulation from Boldenone, but for me, Deca is just as good!
Deca will cause your muscle cells to store more nitrogen, and thus, with this increase in calories, increase in size is easy.
Not to mention the fact that Deca will help the joints, (at my age i need all the help i can get) by stimulating collagen synthesis!

Now, obviously Deca is also pretty hard on suppressing natural testosterone production, but then, isn’t that part of cycling synthetic steroids? Of course you are going to be shut down.. just a small amount of testosterone can shut you down. there is no middle ground here.. your either shut down or your not!

Deca dosages

So the question is, how much Deca to use?
I have seen many stacks put together over the years on the many forums i am a member of, with the suggestion that your Testosterone must always be higher than your Deca.. i ask why?
Deca, as mentioned above will suppress natural Testosterone production, but it wont suppress any synthetic Testosterone you inject. Therefore, even a small amount of Testosterone injected, eg 250mg per ml, which, incidentally is still far greater than what your body will naturally produce, is left alone to work as it needs to without any interference from the Deca.
So whether you inject 200mg of Deca with your 250mg of test per week, or inject 800mg of deca with your 250mg of Test, the same format applies, non-interference with the Testosterone from the Nandrolone. Quite simply, both working for you side by side.
Of course, we cannot overlook the fact that Prolactin levels will rise, and the famous “Deca Dick” can arrive. This is only a problem if its not possible to get on top of before it becomes a problem. For me, personally, Proviron is king, but there are other options such as Cabergoline which keeps in order.
My current stack looks like this.

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  1. i agree with you on the deca being a great mass builder and proviron is great for helping out the deca dick but a higher dose of test will defo help out limp problems . so a cycle of deca and test for me would be 750mg test e a week and 500mg of deca this helps with deca dick and the proviron is a added bonus 50mg a day

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