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Where are the Mag Stirrers?

After watching a very interesting Documentary recently featuring the popular Dave Crossland, I had some serious concerns, as shared by Dave during the production, on the simplified process on creating Anabolic Steroids.

During one particular scene in the production called “Under Construction” , a guy shows up, and puts together a product we know as Testosterone Cypionate.

Now of course, this was for demonstration purposes, as Mr Crossland did state, it was simply, just to show, the dirty side of the UGL, and just how easy it is for anyone to put together Anabolic Steroids with minimal effort.

Now of course, there would be a lot of ASSUMING from this point onwards on what the UGL would normally be doing..

We would all ASSUME that under normal circumstances, the Environment in which the UGL is creating the Products we use are sterile.
We would all ASSUME that an Isolator was used within that Environment to further assure Sterility.
We would all ASSUME that the Raw Powders being used were high quality, eg Purity.
We would all ASSUME that the Carriers and the Solvents used were USP Grade. (in other words, fit for Human Consumption)
We would all ASSUME that a Hot Plate, and Magnetic Stirrer were also being used, and not a Microwave!!!!!!
We would all ASSUME that Millipore Filtration was at its lowest diameter to catch the smallest of Bacteria!
We would all ASSUME that transfer from media bottle to vial was also done in a Sterile way.

In fact, we have to ASSUME a lot when it comes down to our UGL’s and the Products they put out for us..
The Production “Under Construction” highlighted areas that could be seriously neglected, and whilst of course, I do understand that this was a process put together to show the ease of Steroid Manufacture, it does raise some serious questions.

So the Mag Stirrer, just how important is it, and what does it do?
The Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer is without a doubt, a piece of equipment you will see in any serious laboratory, and that includes your Underground Lab. It is a piece of equipment that is not that expensive to purchase, but it can ensure no hormone damage occurs with the method in which it both stirs and heats up the product.
If that wasn’t important enough, how about the fact that the Magnetic Stirrer will remove Metal Contamination from your compound, Metals including, Zinc, Iron, Mercury and even Arsenic!!! I’m not joking!!!
Dirty Raw Powders imported from China will be contaminated with Heavy Metals, I have seen it first hand, it happens in the way they are manufactured.


I have seen MAG stir bars covered in metal filings after 48hours of spinning around in a solution.
Would a 0.2um Filter take out that Metal? It may well take out some, maybe most, but not all..
What do you think is going to happen over time repeatedly injecting Metal?….
I’m not a Doctor, I have no idea, I can only ASSUME…
So.. How many Labs from our Best UGL list are actually using Mag Stirrers..
I think this is an important bit of information I and my readers would like to know, and thus, I have emailed the 5 top labs on our list to ask if we could see their Mag Stirrer..

Those 5 labs are
DUNNING 13.55% (68 votes)
DIMENSION 12.35% (62 votes)
ALPHA PHARMA 9.96% (50 votes)
SPHINX 9.36% (47 votes)
KEIFEI 7.77% (39 votes)

This may take some time guys, give me some time with this, i will update this thread with replys as i take them from the labs. Of course, any of the labs may decide that they have no interest, or desire disclosing any information to us and that does not indicate that they do not take the necessary precautions we would like, so a no reply, is not a red flag. Its just an interesting question i myself, would certainly like to know.. Especially since I am using 4 of the 5 labs in that list.
Of course, a reply with a pic of a mag stirrer and a date would be extremely pleasing, lets see what comes up! 🙂

As always guys, i can be contacted at or add me on Facebook.

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