Anabolic Steroid Information Gamechanger?

I was recently contacted by a gentlemen behind the company ChemClarity.
He is a friend of Dave Crossland, whom many of you will know from “UNDER CONSTRUCTION..” with an interest, as do many of us, including Dave, in HARM REDUCTION amongst UGLs.
Harm Reduction HAS TO BE THE NUMBER ONE CONCERN for ALL UGL’S… and it isn’t.. and thus ChemClarity was born to help achieve certain objectives, which in a nut shell, will separate the labs we need to stay away from, from the labs we can trust in.
Of course, there is always going to be a way around every system. Vial Sabotage, Vials sent from Sources… Sadly, the UGL WORLD, really is a Dog Eat Dog world, and there are countless labs out there setup to make money ONLY, with no morals whatsoever, sabotaging a decent lab, with an attempt to ruin its reputation is always going to be a possibility.
I hope to be sharing info with ChemClarity in the future days so that we can work together to keep the whole process Honest and Reliable.


Check them out at this link

related to the above content.. The lab that is our current number 1 rated on The Best ugl, DUNNING LABS have also contacted me in regard to the service ChemClarity is offering.
Any CURRENT customer of Dunning Labs who wants to have there Dunning Labs Product tested, can send to ChemClarity, and Dunning Labs will pick up half the cost of the service AND any following order at 20% discount!!!!
Contact them yourself via the website

I was accused of being the LAB OWNER of dimension labs last week on Facebook… “YOUR ALWAYS PIMPING DIMENSION LABS” and then the abuse…
Well… this is a fat pimp out to Dunning Labs for offering to pick up half the cost for there product testing, certainly shows confidence in product.. starting to see why these guys are number 1.. i hadn’t even heard of the lab 12 months ago…

Guys, final word.. We are getting close to my own Bodybuilding Supplements being launched now. My Whey Protein and Creatine is ready, just need to add a small line up alongside. 2022 will be our opening. Aug is the objective at the moment.

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