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Under New Management

Marcus who used to run this Newsletter site has decided he no longer has the time to commit.
Now I need to feel my way round the site somewhat, there are quite a few unpublished pages, as well as many comments, replys and email’s to get through.
Since this is supposed to be a Website designed to be a newsletter about the current UGL Scene, that’s exactly what it will be, and so we need to get it back on track somewhat.
For example, I see many pages of test results from various labs without any type of paperwork backing those labs up. As far as I am concerned, no paperwork, no result.

I also see many votes on the most popular UGL list, which seems to be doing very well for traffic. Again, this is seriously open for exploit.
I Did notice an earlier post that Marcus put together which suggested that a Poll should be put together which is based on lab results ONLY!!
I think this is the most honest way to address the poll.
I am not going to remove the current poll at the moment, although that decision may change.
What we do need is to start seeing Legit Test Results, and with the various services now out there for our usage, such as ChemClarity, we can now give a more accurate and honest UGL Review on the current scene.
Of course, like any system, there will always be one jackass that wishes to exploit the system, damage another labs reputation or lie about there own. Whilst this could make life a little difficult for us, it will soon become apparent which labs are trying it on.
So, If anyone has any reviews they would be interested in sharing with me, they can email me at the usual address that Marcus was using..
I am now the only one with access at that email, and I assure you that all correspondence there will remain completely confidential.
As soon as I have at least 5 Lab Test results. (5 various labs) The new List will go up.
It is important to note the following..
I am not in this game to lab bash anyone. Thus, if anyone shares with me a lab result that is not favourable to the lab in question, I will simply not submit the information.
This site is not “out to get anyone” but it is designed to give the UGL User confidence in a lab that they are considering or are using.
Quite simply, if you are a poor UGL making poor product, you wont find yourself on our (Backed with Proof) List.
Likewise, if you are a good Lab making good product, AND someone shares your result with us, you will appear on our list as one of the “good guys”.
If you see your lab on our list, and wish us to remove it, please email me, and I will take it off as you wish.
Adam (

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