Anabolic Steroid Test Results

Where are all the ChemClarity Test Results

So apparently there have been many Samples from various labs now sent across to ChemClarity, and yet, the results are few and far between.
Perhaps the Compound/Blend has been sent in by the Manufacturer and the results are far from favorable.
Or Perhaps its just a simple case of a customer wanting to keep his results private.. What is clear though is the posting of results is lacking.
My Opinion, for what its worth, is the lab results are all far below where they should be..
A UGL that wants exposure, is going to use the service Chemclarity offer without a doubt. It gives the UGL a chance to shine above the rest, IF the results are indeed as claimed on the label, or even close to the label claim.
It is probably likely that the UGL may even create his compound at a higher strength before submitting to CC, and thus, share the result and Sales will undoubtedly increase.
It may even be that the UGL is already dosing his product correctly and feels no need to increase the dosage, and just asks a customer to send a product off for testing..
What the UGL can’t predict though, is the quality of the raw powder he has used for the product.

With so many poor Raw suppliers now offering unbeatable prices, every man and his dog has jumped onto the UGL Brewers list, with a new lab being created on a weekly basis. Supplies are cheap, and actually, cost for creating a vial of ,Test Enan 250 for example, CAN be as little as £2!!!
Here’s the thing though.. Those raw powders could be so poor, even as low as 40% purity… so now do the math’s..
You brew up a Test Enan 250 , at 250mg per ml, using your usual solvent ratio and powders..But due to the low powder purity, your Test Enan 250 is actually only 100mg per ml!
Even if your powder purity is 60%, your still getting a well under dosage product being 150mg per ml.
So I would imagine the lack of results at the moment are due to UGL’s finding out that the Raws they are using are rubbish.

The other thing worth noting. If the purity of the powders are so low, then what accounts for the majority of the powder? I mean..It must be something that breaks down into oil, its not going to be talcum powder.. Ill tell you what it is. Powdered Solvents.

I know ChemClarity is currently no longer testing the actual ratios for the solvents within the compounds they are testing, which is a shame, but I would love to hear some feedback from CC, on solvent ratios. I bet money that if they tested the solvent ratios of some of these poor results, they would find some crazy high crippling solvent ratios.
It may not be poorly made compounds that are causing pip, but just stupidly high ratios from usage of poor quality Raws.

On the note of a vial costing just £2 to produce using these poor Raws, I ask why? With profit as high as it is within the UGL World, why cut costs by purchasing poor quality. You can spend twice as much on Raws and still make a decent profit, but churn out decent gear for us users to use. Seems to me, Lab owners would rather spend more on the “look” of a product than the content.

If you have seen a lab result online anywhere, perhaps on a forum? Or in a facebook group? Could I ask you to share it with me please by typing in the URL in the box below.

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