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New lab results in for Dimension and many more

As our Subscribers will know, we did have a Most Popular UGL list running which did seem to be working really well, other than the fact that actually, without real results backed with Lab results was more of a popularity contest, and so we changed the format for a better one.

Our new list which is labelled as THE BEST UGL, shows only the labs that have been tested, eg we also have the legit test results from the current popular lab testing sites such as ChemClarity or Chemtox.

Our Best UGL list can be found here BEST UGL

We currently have 20 labs now up on the list backed with results. Some very interesting results showing many labs under dosing product, but likewise, some great labs with dosage as it should be. We have always stuck by one particular lab called Dimension Labs after many of the guys at the local gym use them and rate them highly. The latest test results show clearly why we have indeed stuck by those guys, and gave them a thumbs up, with the results now up showing this, those that tried to undermine the lab can clearly sit back down 🙂

I will once again repeat, as I have done before, we are NOT affiliated with any lab, and are strictly neutral. You give us the test results on any lab, and if the results are good we are going to big em up! Like you guys, we just want a lab that consistently gives us quality gear at affordable prices.

If you have any results on any lab that you don’t see on the list, good or bad, please let us know, so we can keep updating the list.  You can just type the link to the lab result below into the form, and we will do the rest.

Thanks Guys and Gals, lets keep updating each other on the good guys and the bad guys! 🙂

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