Anabolic Steroid Test Results

Baltic Tren Ace (Batch 21520)

Had a few results sent in recently, just catching up with them all now and adding to the list as they come in.
Just had a customer send us in this report on Baltic Tren Ace which seems to be a very odd and a very old result, so please remember the age of these results when questioning your product. Eg, this test is 1 year old, and thus DOES NOT reflect the quality of today’s Baltic range, which may or may not be better than it was a year ago.
In my honest opinion, with the emergence of testing facilities, many trusted labs will be better today than they were yesteryear.
What i did find strange was the ratios of solvents used within the blend. eg 5% BA which does seem high, and %5 BB which seems low!

baltic tren ace
The result does show the Trenbolone Acetate carrying Batch Number 21520 to be heavily under in dosage.
Baltic Tren Ace 78.6mg (21.4 under)
I repeat, The results is for that batch number ONLY and does not reflect today’s quality. It is merely a guide for that batch IF it is still in circulation of course.
We do post every result, no matter the age of the test, which will encourage others to submit results to us, so we can all keep updated on what is out there.
Please continue to send us your results, and please do remember, BATCH numbers are highly important.
We have more results to get through which will go up over the next day or two.

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