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Med-Tech Solutions Lab Results

These results are recent, sent to us by one of our subscribers.
The lab is called Med-Tech Solutions, also known as MTS, which seems to be a very popular and well used lab here in the UK.
We have had many emails asking if we have had any results on this lab recently, and so, here are 3 results sent in.
The results are for BATCH 006


You can find these results amongst many others on our BEST UGL list.

The Testosterone Enanthate which is labelled as 300mg per ML was actually 77mg per ml.
This means the Testosterone Enanthate is hugely under in dosage. being 223mg under.

Full PDF REPORT on MTS TEST 300 mtstest

The Nandrolone Decanoate which is labelled as 300mg per ML was actually 203.2mg per ml.
This means the Nandrolone Decanoate is hugely under in dosage. being 96.8mg under.

Full PDF REPORT on MTS DECA 300 mtsdeca

The Trenbolone Acetate which is labelled as 100mg per ML was actually 142.3mg per ml.
This means the Trenbolone Acetate is hugely over in dosage. being 42.3mg over.

Full PDF REPORT on MTS TREN A 100 mtstren

Conclusion on Med-Tech Solutions.
The Test and Deca made by MTS are hugely under in dosage and since the results are recent, likely to be the case for the current products on the market.
What is surprising is the hugely over dosing of the Trenbolone Acetate! Whilst this will please Acetate users, it is also certainly worth remembering the irregularity of the dosage, since Trenbolone can often be very unforgiving.
A user (believing label claims) cycling MTS Tren Ace aiming for a weekly dosage of 400mg for example, alongside Test Enan, aiming for 500mg per week would actually be getting 569.2mg per week of Trenbolone and just over 100mg of Testosterone per week, which will of course lead to many issues.

Please remember guys, we are not here to lab bash, or lab promote, we go on actual factual data only!! We remain impartial, and stick to the facts that are backed with results!  No results submitted by our Readers are ignored. Please keep them coming.

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