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So many Underground Labs now on the scene at the moment. With the ease obtaining the ingredients and then knowledge, pretty much anyone with half a brain can put together a Vial of Test or a capsule of Dianabol…
For many Home Brewers, they start as a small outfit just cooking up steroids for themselves and friends to use, before realising the potential for easy money and large profits and thus another UGL is born.


As the UGL grows in size, the product line up also grows, the lab equipment increased, and the Resellers brought in.

A Big UGL can get very rich very quickly with the right team behind the operation.
Of course, as the UGL becomes more popular, the UGL gains more attention from Rival Labs who steadily lose customers to the new lab that promises better dosages, better products, a better line up at better prices!

Years ago, before all the testing sites came out, it would be down the gym buying gear from the biggest guy in there! If he was using it, then it must be good!
Nowadays, whilst that method is still as reliable as it ever was, with the emergence of Social Media and the ease and choice of obtaining products, there is an endless selection to choose from.

The UGL Market is huge, literally every gym in the country has Dealers/Users within it although the vast majority of sales will be done online.
Resellers everywhere for just about every brand of UGL you can think of.  With such a huge selection, which one is the best?  Is it the one with the fancy packaging, no expense spared, pretty labels, pretty boxes, personalised holograms, or is it that UGL being touted by the huge beast of a guy who swears it’s all he uses. Whatever UGL you choose, you enter into a world of TRUST!
You have to Trust in the Labs claims of Sterility and the Labs claims of Dosage.

Then the online testing facilities emerged such as Wedinos,Chemtox, Labmax, Chemclarity.
These facilities claim to test the said compound for said label claim, and give you the result so you can then be at peace, knowing you chose well.
Or perhaps the result comes back unfavourable, you took a gamble, it didn’t pay off, you move onto the next lab.
Sites such as mine, and many bodybuilding forums online will share various lab results on UGL’s so you can start to at least, build up a picture.
A Lab that consistently receives great results could be a good indicator of a lab to Trust, or perhaps there is a lab that is always getting poor results, again, an indicator perhaps? or is it….

It has now been proven, and i can cover this if need be in more detail, that one of the testing facilities online are getting some results VERY wrong!
This has happened on more than one occasion and can no longer be ignored.
So, why is this happening? Is the testing facility in question actually trying to damage the UGL world in some way? an ulterior motive, perhaps they have there own agenda with a lab they are involved with? or perhaps they just do not have the real funding needed to get the job done properly on testing our Anabolic Steroids.
Whatever the reason, there are many results that are now questionable.

The other issue is the fact that, whatever you send in to be tested is whatever you say it is. for example, lets imagine i am the owner of a lab, my rivals lab is doing much better than mine and i am losing customers. If i was a cu** i may deliberately under dose a compound, send it in, and then say it is “rival lab”,
this then creates an element of doubt into the mind of the user who was considering the lab.

I would ask the said testing facility (they will know who they are) to read my article and offer some assurances that they are indeed taking the steps to ensure future tests will be accurate, because at the moment, credibility is going downhill faster than my 20 stone ass on a skateboard.

Until that time, do what you will with the results on my site. I don’t think there is a better system in place than TRUST. Just as i have to Trust the Sender of said test that it is indeed the Lab they claim, or just as you have to Trust your UGL that he Dosages and Sterilises as he claims he does.

Also, take a look around at the guys using the lab your considering. 7 stone cross-fitters or 18 stone beasts?….
Meanwhile take the Results on my site with a pinch of salt since they can be so easily manipulated.
I’m not here to sway your decision on whatever lab you choose to use, i’m just running a WordPress Site echoing results that are sent across to me, and like you, Trusting the guy that sent them.

I have used many labs myself and still continue to do so.  I personally rate D4NET, KEIFEI, DIMENSION LABS, DUNNING, SPHINX, BALTIC, PHARMACOM, WILDCAT & CHESHIRE PHARMA and rate all of these, and yet, for many of these, there have been hit and miss reports.

Its all about TRUST!!!


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