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How to test your Roids

So in the absence of Chemclarity there are many guys now asking, where can they get there Anabolic Steroids tested.
There are companies such as Chemtox where you can send your vial off for analysis but these come at a high cost.
There is a testing kit you can buy online called ROIDTEST.
You can find more information here ROIDTEST

Here is a video on how roidtest works.

I recently purchased this kit myself to determine if my Primobolan Enanthate was legit.

Primobolan in my opinion is the God of Steroids. It seems to get a bad rep online and i truly believe this rep is based on the terrible quality of the labs producing it.
You see, Primobolan Raw Powder is truly one of the most expensive powders you will ever purchase.
Due to this being the case, the quality of Primo that hits the UGL market is rarely any good.

Let’s look at a possible scenario that a UGL selling Primo could be involved in.
Scenario 1
Scorpion Labs owner Bill wants to sell Primo to his customers, he inquires on the cost of raw powder with his Chinese supplier and discovers the profit margin is tiny, and thus Bill purchases Boldenone Undecylenate instead which is said to display similar effects on the user as Primo does. (i personally disagree entirely) The cost of the Boldenone is cheap and thus Bill claims a healthy profit selling his bogus Primobolan.

Scenario 2
Scorpion Labs owner Bill purchases Primobolan Raw powder from his Chinese source. The Chinese source also does not make as much money on his Primobolan as he does on other powders as it has cost him much more to manufacture and so the Chinese source will sell a much diluted, half strength form of Primobolan. Bill also decides to under dose the Primobolan he is selling, and thus a very poor Primobolan hits the market.

Imagine how poor a product is if its been diluted twice before it hits the market.
It could be as low as 50% in purity when it leaves China, and then the greedy UGL could be underdosing the product by 50%.

If this scenario did occur the following equation can be reached.
100mg per ml at 50% purity = 50mg per ml. 50mg per ml under dosed by 50% = 25mg per ml final product.

I think this probably happens often, maybe not so heavily under dosed at the Chinese Suppliers end, perhaps not so heavily at the Sources end, but i do believe this happens often. I am a huge lover of Primobolan, in my opinion, it is THE VERY BEST ANABOLIC STEROID on the market, and i can tell a good primo from a bad primo within a month of usage.

I think the bad reputation Primobolan gets online is from those that have used under dosed or bunk primo.
Those that have used genuine dosaged Primobolan will totally relate to everything i am saying.

Watch this video on how Primobolan works and why it is such a great drug, especially for those involved in Contest Preparation

I purchased a roidtest myself recently and tested Dunning Labs Primobolan which the label claims to be at 100mg per ml.
I was happy with the test result, showing a clear indicator of Primobolan Enanthate. After 1 months usage so far, and lean muscle being added whilst in a calorie deficit i can confirm the Primo to be high quality.

I have used various labs primo over the years, if you are a primo lover like me and want information on a particular labs primo, perhaps contact me, we can share notes.
Meanwhile, i do recommend the roidtest kit for those of you who want that piece of mind on what you are using is indeed what it claims to be.

You can also purchase roidtest as amazon, here is a link

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  1. I totally agree with you about primo, the main problem is getting decent stuff. Any experience with med tech or alpha pharma primo? I just used sis primo and was very unimpressed

  2. Dave, sis primo is awful. i dont even think it is primo. Dunning Primo is the best ugl primo ive used in years.

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