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This is sure to cause some controversy amongst DNP Users in the Health & Fitness Industry regarding DNP usage and just how safe a drug it is when used sensibly.
So what is DNP?

DNP is 2,4-Dinitrophenol, Not even going to bore you with detailed copy and paste BS in a nutshell, its a mixture of Acids.
It is used as an Antiseptic, a Pesticide, a Dye, a Wood Preservative, It is also well known that DNP has been used to help make Explosives.
It has becomes widely used within the Bodybuilding World for cutting fat, which is does very well by increasing your metabolism.

The problem is, As with the positive sides of using DNP such as cutting that unwanted fat, there are also other things going on that no-one seems to highlight.

Whilst it can indeed help the user hold onto Muscle whilst losing body fat, it will not aid the User in adding Muscle since the role of Insulin shuttling nutrients to stimulate Muscle Growth is negated. There’s even case reports online to suggest that the Thyroid Hormones are damaged. Fat Gain after usage of DNP ceases could be accelerated at a faster rate than before the usage started.

Most importantly, more and more formers DNP users are going to the Doctors with Eye Problems, mainly Cataracts. Some of these guys are in there 30’s and haven’t used DNP for many years..

you can read more about DNP here.

Will everyone experience problems later on? No, of course not. But without a doubt, FACT, there are guys suffering eye problems now with evidence showing past DNP usage to be the trigger.

No doubt we will have the “Internet Professor” over here to try in his very best way to shift through the data on google to find as much literature as he can to dismiss this article as untrue, but then, he will need to do that.. He is using DNP himself..

DNP CAN CAUSE BLINDNESS… FACT… Maybe not today, not tomorrow, perhaps not even next year.. But one day.. You will wake up, and that cloudy vision could be upon you.

If your desperate to lose weight fast, do it like we all did it the old school way.. Stop being so lazy and get on the road and run… At least you will be doing it with your eyes open…

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  1. What a useless article. Why bother posting this kind of stuff when you don’t even refer to studies. A 10 year old could write this shit in 10 minutes. Put some effort into it or don’t post at all.

    • I dont need to refer to studies, i leave that pathetic shit to the 10stone wet through professor using every drug possible yet looking like he did when he was 12… my physique talks for itself.. i dont get involved in bro science.. go google dnp and blindess, then go and sort your diet out, u look fkin terrible.

    • Think that “refer to studies” should be left to the clueless cocks on Facebook. I quite like the refreshing change we get with this site.. just unbiased basics, not bogged down with study tripe.. I’ve just googled cataracts and dnp and sure enough, there’s loads of users with them, can’t all be wrong can they? Thanks for the article Marcus.

  2. Its ok saying this but is there any advice for people like my self who’s took DNP and is now regretting it, like how can i prevent cateract damage in the future or is it too late?

  3. I used dnp for years, had a cataract sorted recently. Not saying dnp was a contributing factor, I guess it’s possible, but it’s no big deal, just get it sorted.

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