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Prostasia versus Pharmacom & Co

Recently i was browsing through the previous threads that have been published here on the UGLNEWSLETTER site and came across a deleted article reference buying steroids on facebook.

After speaking to Marcus in the gym recently, he has informed me that due to threats made to himself by one of the UGL’s mentioned in the Article that he decided to take down the Informative Thread.

I will say something regarding this. I am not Marcus, and thus nobody, i repeat nobody, will intimidate me with threats. If you have any problems with anything i write on this website, come to my gym and let me know in person.

If i think your lab is rubbish, guess what, I am going to sayYour Lab is rubbishOn this site, you will get the unbiased truth.

If your gear is dirty, guess what, I am going to expose you.

If your UGL is under in dosage, guess what, I am going to expose you.

Likewise, if your gear is good and you are doing the best you can as a UGL to give us users decent Anabolics, guess what, I am going to expose you.

My readers have learnt to trust my opinion because it’s the truth backed with evidence. I am guilty of promoting certain labs, but not because of backhanders, but because they are genuinely decent labs. Keifei, Dunning, Dimension, Pharmacom, Chiron to name my favorite five!

I am not promoting these Underground Labs because i have a personal interest in them, although i do use them for my own Contest Prepping, i really honestly couldn’t give a shit who they are, or where they are, but i do give a shit on what they give me as a user, and so far, touch wood, all i have got from these guys is genuine accurate, clean decent anabolics backed with support from many online lab results and customer feedback, and for that reason i will speak highly of them until i am proved otherwise, either by evidence to the contrary or my own experience.

Likewise, labs like Prostasia and Occulus to name a couple, will get nothing but negativity from me, because i have used them and it was shit! What more do you want to hear other than a truthful opinion?

With the closure of the testing site Chemclarity, we are likely to get many labs now under dosing products believing that the ability to test is now out of reach for many of us if not for any other reason that the cost. I myself have seen a huge decrease in lab results sent to me since ChemClarity closed, and so, for now, it is back to the old fashioned way of testing by using.

I would ask everyone of my customers to keep using the UGL poll to let us know which is your favorite lab, and for those labs that are trying to bend the system on the poll vote, remember, i can see your fake ip, and if you try hacking the result, i will just remove your results.

as always guys, stay away from scammers, if you are about to part with cash, contact me incase the guy you are giving cash too is a scammer and we have word of it. I want to keep your cash away from scammers as desperately as you yourself do.


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  1. I have had plenty of good results of the Prostasia range.
    Never any infection or sore pins.
    Moving into off season I will be using the prost t400 and deca with beast builders.

  2. Just a way for other labs to diss one another in my opinion. Been using protasia last 3 yrs not had any problems or complaints

  3. Guys ignore all the prostasia is the best bullshit, I am on there Facebook group and the admin in the group has just told all the sellers to come here and big up the lab. I used to sell the stuff, it’s crap, I feel bad for all my customers I sold the shit too. Infections, abscesses, under dosed.

  4. Always love this beef, itโ€™s like Groundhog Day for someone with an axe to grind ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Gets boring ๐Ÿ™„

  5. I have had nothing but good experiences from those at Prostasia labs. I recently had an incident where I had a NHS lab, test the bottle to ensure the quality. They came back to reveal the bottle and gear was clean and correctly dosed. I have absolutely no reason to lie about this. I can also say I have used other gear over my years. They all seem to work in the same way. Enthusiasts simply what their gear to be clean and correctly dosed. The independed lab tests have proved that Prostasia supply that and is a good quality product.

  6. Only ever used prost sust, so no expert at all. But on 500mg per week strength went through the roof, gained good mass and leaned out.
    It may be that on another lab I would have better results I may find out one day. But I can say the sust is legit and gave me what I expected.

  7. Bit gutted you’ve wrote this tripe Mark especially when inset you up with group and FB name now you are trying to hurt my pocket!
    Reason you don’t sell prostasia anymore is we got fed up of you taking cash and not sending goods to customers bringing us grief at every door… I tried to help you personally …
    But we had to send your goods and you kept payments

    You were happy to take the cash from your customers for over a year so by your own means we’re you knowingly selling stuff that gives you abscesses ?? And happy to take the cash ??

    OR ARE YOU JUST BITTER you were ditched?

    ….. So moral of the story is don’t bite the hand that feeds you ….


  8. Also used prostasia, spent 3 days in a hospital after almost losing my leg. If you don’t believe me, add me on Facebook, I’ll show u the pics. Mike Wallace

  9. Why is everyone getting butt hurt on prostasia posts. If it works for u, crack on and use it, won’t lie, didn’t work for me, but I won’t slate the lab, I just moved onto a better lab.

  10. I have used Many Pharma And UGL labs in 20 plus years … And I’ve Only Good Experiences With Prostasia. I’ve used almost all of their Oils And orals with the Exception of A Couple I haven’t had a Need to Use.
    Not once have I had Any Bad Reaction. Access or Infection from Prostasia oils.
    I’ve felt Great and Look the Best at 42 then I have in last Couple years since switching to Prostasia

  11. This thread is hilarious.. prostasia group on forum asking everyone to come here and put good feedback hahaha!

  12. Prostasia labs does good gear. Itโ€™s just a shame about the sellers who mess you about for weeks promising it been posted when in fact it hasnโ€™t. You get your gear but takes weeks….

  13. Never had an Issue with Prostasia nor with Dimension Labs too. Does anyone know if Dunning Labs still using their contact email as had emailed 3 times over past few weeks and no response.

    • Using there t300 for trt treatment. .8ml a week which should put me at the high end. Still have low energy. Sex drive is none existent.

  14. Using there t300 for trt treatment. Taking .8ml a week. Which should put me at the high end of dosing. But energy is low. Sex drive none existent.

  15. I’ve been using the prostasia labs winstrol, fucking horrendous pain at the injection site however the last injection I took was from a new vial which has given me and infection, fever chills, I’ve felt like dog shit for 3 days, I’ve had to get antibiotics and strong pain meds, I’ve never had anything like this with steroids before. Will I fuck use that shit again

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