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  1. Hello Sir, I’ve been a big fan of your website for many years.

    I want to thank you for mentioning me in a JUNE 23, 2019 article and for having spent so many positive words on our brand DUNNING LABS: I always read with admiration what you write with passion and great professionalism. We all try to do our best.
    Being the only Reseller of this brand, I would ask you please to replace / upgrade the previously transcribed e-mails with the OFFICIAL ONE uksupps@riseup.net in reference to my SALES WEBSITE http://www.dunninglabs.biz as the ONLY point of reference you can rely on to purchase the original products. I’m sure our staff will appreciate it very much.

    Thanking you in advance…

    Kind Regards.


    • Mr JDLegend. Who do i need to speak too now for dunning products? it seems that the changing of guard is happening at the moment?

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