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Sphinx Anavar review

Tested some Oxandrolone recently produced by an Underground lab called SPHINX.

It was sent to us by a customer of a Sphinx Reseller. The Customer claiming the Oxandrolone was actually Methandienone, (Dianabol) instead of Anavar.  This claim was backed up with his own lab test conducted at home using a Testing kit supplied by a company called LabMax.

The results of the Test did indeed show the Anavar to be Dianabol.

We spoke with one of the Sphinx Reps whom doubted the test and offered to pay for a more accurate test on the Anavar. It is important to note here, that whilst he did indeed pay for the testing, it was ourselves that sent away the sample from the tub that was sent to us by the Customer claiming the fake.

Today we learnt of the results and will back those with the paper work as soon as it arrives with us.

Sphinx Oxandrolone, aka Anavar is exactly what it says on the tin, Anavar.

The Anavar did show a dosage that was marginally under the label claim, but at 46.1mg per tablet,  certainly a very acceptable result.

It also goes to show, that the LabMax testing kids are inaccurate and not to be relied on.

The PDF showing the results will be uploaded in due course.

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