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UGL Tablets v UGL Capsules

Recently we discussed a topic of interest for many, Capsules v Tablets. In the article i explained about flow rates and running powders. You can find that article here.

One of our readers contacted me over the weekend and asked me to clarify why many UGLS are producing inconsistent Tablet Dosages.

I could highlight many areas that the UGL could be making errors but for this example, i am going to highlight just 1 area…


The UGL is most likely using a cheap Tablet press such as the TDP above.

You can read all about the TDP on the web pages they are sold on and notice whilst reading all the information, that nowhere will you read that the TDP produces a consistent Tablet weight. In fact the TDP will produce highly changeable results from tablet to tablet and both the TDP Manufacturer or the Re-seller do not deny this. Since the Tablet is very compact, even the smallest change in the weight of the Tablet can result in a very different Dosage.

Not to mention the simple mechanism of getting the Product from Point A, (the top of the chute), to Point B (the bottom of the chute).

Simple science will tell you that if you put a bunch of molecules together and lets say for example, 10% of the molecules within that bunch are double the size & weight of the rest, they will not all drop at the same rate.

Pour sand into a bucket of peas.. now shake the bucket.. You think that sand is sitting at the top of the bucket? Ok its a poor analogy but the principle is pretty much the same. The vibrations of the TDP and gravity will separate molecule weights and thus give Dosage inconsistent Tablets.

I challenge any UGL using TDPs to get the Dosage the same on the first Tablet they produce as the last Tablet they produce. You wont do it, stop kidding your Customers you can.

The mere fact that even the websites that sell TDPs are selling them without any claims of being able to produce consistent weighted Tablets pretty much sums it up. Even more, you can buy a much upgraded Tablet press, for example the Rotary Press, on the same website, and this Tablet press WILL carry the claim they can produce consistent weighted Tablets. It has the ability to automatically adjust and control Tablet weight. Priced three times as much it is no wonder why but how many of the UGLs are using these Rotary presses? and if they are using the Rotary press, are they also adjusting the speed of the flowing powder to match the oral compound they are pressing? unlikely…



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