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Bad quality Raws in the UK

Every month a new lab pops up in the UK claiming to be the next best thing. Showing great promise with lab results showing accurate dosages and no expense spared with pretty packaging. These labs are even taking it a step further with scratch off anti counterfeit holograms and websites where you can check the authenticity of your product! Many thousands of pounds are being spent to ensure they hit the market hard and make a great initial impact but then the inevitable happens, time and time again… Quality slips..

Recently a few of these new labs cropping up have faced criticism on some of the high strength blends they are creating. Many consumers are reporting Pip, (Post Injection Pain) and countless hospital visits to drain Abscesses that turned into infections.

So why are guys getting such bad pip? Scour the Internet and you will find many answers on why. Answers such as “Too much hormone” , or “high solvent ratio” or “bad quality raws” or “incorrect injection technique” and you know, in many cases, one of these could be correct. After seeing some recent lab results on some of the new labs, I have a pretty good understanding on what’s causing the pip for many.. Poor Quality Raw Powders.

underground steroids lab
Underground Lab

What is a poor quality raw powder? Many of the labs currently in the UK producing steroids are all importing powders from the same powder source in China. They may not think they are, but somewhere on that route, the powders they have imported have come from the same Origin. I am not going to single out a raw supplier here, but I do know one Chinese supplier, lets just say the letter M features within his name, is supplying many old and new labs in the UK. His quality of Raw powders are truly shocking. That’s not to say the lab using his Raws has the same reputation. He can only do the best he can with the tools he is given, and sadly the tools are letting his outfit down.

Poor quality raw powders will contain a huge percentage of powdered solvents. You see, when the UGL gets the powders, he then breaks them down with his own powdered solvents, usually Benzyl Alcohol and Benzyl Benzoate, both highly important to keep the product stable and suspended as well as sterile. Now if the raw powders were high quality and exceptionally high purity, (I have seen 98%) then indeed, you have a very good raw, BUT and here’s where it gets nasty.. If the raw powders are poor quality, then the amount of solvent usage within that raw can be so high that purity is as low as 36%!!!! Yes, I have seen a 36% purity powder. They arrive with your UGL, who then adds even more solvents, often a ratio of 2-5% BA, and 18-20% BB. You now have a very dangerous blend. Injecting that much solvent WILL UNDOUBTEDLY cause massive amount of PIP and more often than not an abscess that needs draining at the hospital.

If the lab you are using is spending thousands of pounds on production, carrying fancy labels, holograms, websites etc, and then charging a very cheap price for the product, it is clearly obvious that they are buying poor raws that leave plenty of room for profit. I have seen some of the prices that the raw suppliers are charging and I can promise you, the price for a genuine 98% purity Raw is very different to the price for a lower than 50% purity Raw. To this day, I still only know of 3 labs in the UK who are purchasing the higher purity raws. These guys are trying to be cost effective, you don’t get the pretty packaging but you do get consistently great content. It would be a welcome addition to the market if more labs in the UK followed suit instead of making a quick buck before shit hits the fan and the lab name changes for the 28th time!


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