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Dunning Labs is targeted

The number 1 lab in the UK and now it seems Europe has now been targeted by the guys at UKM.

For those that don’t know, UKMuscle is a bodybuilding forum for guys all over the world although it seems most members are from the UK. Bodybuilding Forums are a great place to communicate with other likeminded folk about our favourite pastime. We might want to learn about Nutrition,Training or even what Stack to use as part of our chemical enhancement project and of course what UGL (Underground Lab) is everyone using and what lab is giving the best results.

Whilst bodybuilding forums can be a great place to get information on labs we are using, sadly they can also be a place for some huge disinformation for the ulterior motive of money. As I have said before, almost all bodybuilding forums will have members who have an interest (sellers) in a particular lab. For UKM it seems the lab of interest is Nexus. Likewise you can log onto BBMF where the lab of interest is Dunning.

I have always remained as neutral as possible with all labs and as many have rightfully said, I have shown an interest in Keifei and Dunning over most other labs, but I have no ulterior motive as some may suggest. I do not get paid by any lab, nor do I get any type of discount for mentioning one lab above another. The reason I speak highly of a particular lab is because that particular lab is the best, that’s it! I have a huge amount of subscribers who trust what I say and I am not about to abuse that trust giving the same disinformation that forums do.

When Dunning labs went public with the email list at it gave the threatened rival labs such as nexus ammunition to start the reputation damage. You only need 5 ukm members to create 2 false accounts each, build up a few posts first and then start the attack. all of a sudden you have 10 members all singing from the same hymn sheet “oh I used dunning but it didn’t work”

Guys, take it from me, a former moderator on ukm that has seen how it works, who has been offered money from lab owners to talk highly about the lab they are in charge with. UKM is fake news and you wont get a decent reply about any other lab that can rival the lab they are involved with. A few years ago, the moderators were all asked to keep an eye out for any thread talking about Dimension labs. We were asked to moderate those threads and keep the positive dimension lab talk down, even though it was such a great lab, and anything negative about dimension labs we we’re asked to leave in place. It was shortly after this request I left the team.

My advice. Don’t listen to ANY forums. all forums are biased, just listen to me, because I am the only one that’s going to give you unbiased information. Is nexus any good? I have no idea, it could be amazing! Is dunning any good? yes, its the number 1 ugl for me. Is ukm a good forum for information? hell yes! some very knowledgeable guys on there, just don’t expect to get any honest information if you are going there to talk about ugls. I am the only guy giving you the 100% truth on UGLs.


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  1. Ive been looking for a good honest lab sick of being sold crap and well under dosed gear i just needed a honest opinion ti find a good lab

    • Pharmaqo has the best gear I’ve had so far and I’ve been running on and off for 10 years. The lab used to be called SIS and a doctor named Dr. Ok bought them out and changed the name. Anyways, whatever site you’re using I would look at pharmaqo . The doc shares test results of every compound the lab makes. Oral and oil. I’ve personally tried their test 400 supersus 400 anadrol anavar Arimidex and they even have a pct oral that is arimidex chlomid and nolva all in one pill. I’ve had great results Hope this helps. Btw, I’m not someone that has anything to do with the lab and gain nothing for sharing this info but i know the feeling of wanting to find a lab you can stick with. Good luck, stay hard!

  2. Dunning used to be good now you lucky if you recieve your order avoid if im honest .
    2018 best test I used was Dunning thogh

  3. dunning disappeared after ordering paying on Sat went on site to check order on Monday only to find site suspended . sent emails no reply . never had problem for years looks like lost my money as biz site still suspended 2 weeks later . loved that site as well gutted

  4. Where can I purchase good ugl labs ran sphinx last year massive gains and running triumph n tbh not impressed if can point me in right direction would be appreciated bought crown and was really satisfied few years ago and follow feedback group and a lot of positive feedback but a lot of clones has to be black or white caps for legit vials any other colour not cooked by crown

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