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Battle of the Bloods

As many of my Subscribers will now know, i run a Gym here in the North west. I am always very interested to know what my Members are running, especially those guys that are looking good!
Recently i decided to undertake an experiment on 3 random labs that are currently being used by some of the guys who are using my club.
The labs involved were Crown Pharma, Resolute Labs and Dunning Labs. Since i haven’t used 2 of the 3 labs, i was very much looking forward to the experiment.

So what is the experiment?
I wanted to see what the Testosterone results were on all 3 labs being used at exactly the same dosages. Each Test being taken at exactly the same time and day.
We decided to use the popular on-line service for the Results. A Tried and tested, highly professional service.
So to re-iterate on the Rules.
Rule 1 – I would take the blood sample (a nurse visited the gym) at the same time from each participant.
Rule 2 – Each participant in the experiment was to start on exactly the same dosage, taken on the same day.
Rule 3 – The last cycle that any of the participants had used was at least 8 weeks previously.

Participant 1 Dave -aged 38, was given the Crown Pharma and on the Monday at 9.00am injected exactly 250mg of Testosterone Enanthate. (Glute injection, report of no pip)
Participant 2 Adrian -aged 43, was given the Resolute Pharma, and also on the Monday at 7.00am (due to work commitments) injected Testosterone Enanthate. (Glute injection, report of no pip)
Participant 3 Lee -aged 36, was given the Dunning Labs and also on the Monday at 8.00am injected exactly 250mg of Testosterone Enanthate. (Glute injection, report of no pip)
The only other difference between the 3 participants was Dave often trained between 9.00am and 12 midday, whereas both Adrian and Lee were evening trainers, often training after 5.30pm.

I didn’t pay too much attention to the claims during the week of “strength already climbing” or “Ive put on 2lb”. I do believe that many of us when we do jump straight back onto cycles tend to get everything right anyway, perhaps a placebo effect, but training and diet tend to be more dialled in at the start of our cycles.

Day 4 – The Evening.
I would have preferred to take the samples from the guys at the gym in the morning, but due to their work commitments this wasn’t possible, and thus an evening sample was taken.
The samples were sent off on the following day to

The Results did not get back to me until the following Wednesday, and they are posted below.

The following information is quite important towards this experiment.
Normal Testosterone Levels in your average male between 25 – 45 will be between 400 – 700 ng/dl
Testosterone Levels in our participants of the experiment who all received 250mg of Testosterone 4 days before bloods were taken should show levels at around 1300 – 1500 ng/dl

The following results were shown.
1 – CROWN PHARMA – Blood Level = 836 ng/dl
2 – RESOLUTE LABS – Blood Level = 375 ng/dl
3 – DUNNING LABS – Blood Level = 1874 ng/dl

Crown Pharma did show a level of Testosterone, but it was a low level and certainly an indicator of an under dosed Product.
Resolute Labs did not show a level of Testosterone at all. In fact the level was low, even for someone who was not running Testosterone.
Dunning Labs did show a high level of Testosterone and although it would be hard to estimate the actual dosage, it was certainly more than the label claim of 250mg.

I enjoyed this experiment at my own expense and will be conducting another one in the new year on 3 other popular labs here in the UK.

As always guys, please don’t get scammed. message me before you make a purchase so we can be sure that the guy getting your well earned money is not a scammer. Note, homesteroids website is a scam!

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  1. Hi mate have been offered resolute labs here in the uk but don’t wanna try it after reading your experiment you did. Didn’t know if they’d sorted themselves out and were producing good stuff now my usual source is stocking it and swears it’s good he’s not let me down before, but obviously a bit sceptical. Any more info would be greatly appreciated keep up the good work and thanks bro.

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