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My new top UGL of January 2020 is PHARMACOM

Affiliation to a lab.

Once again, the emails come in claiming I am associated with a particular UGL because I talk highly of them. Last year it was Dunning or Dimension Labs, this year it seems to be Keifei.

Well, I have a couple of lab results in my inbox I will be posting up within the next month very favourable towards Pharmacom. Since they are so favourable, I have decided to give them my January number 1 UGL spot Does that mean I’m now associated with Pharmacom?… Pharmacom have been one of those labs that have remained consistent with quality. I recently incorporated Pharmacom into my growing phase and enjoyed the results obtained.

I also have some Test results coming in for Dimension Labs. I have had a few emails over the last year regarding Dimension Labs and the general enquiry seems to be “Are they still as good?” As soon as the results are in, I will be letting you know just that!

I have no affiliation with any lab, nor do I take a bribe to advertise a particular lab. With RAWS becoming harder to purchase in China, quality on Raws or Labs is likely to change for many. The UGL world is about to become very unstable.

We all need to be working together and discovering those Labs that are not only scamming us with poor dosages but endangering our lives with poor practices. If a lab is not being honest with his dosages or vial contents, he is not being honest with his practices to give us sterile products either. If we keep updating each other with lab results from various labs, we can hopefully stop the scammers making too much money on us.

As always, please send me your lab results.

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  1. Love your site. You do so much for the ugl world.
    Thanks for your continued hard work. I have sent you a test result for a lab I have been using.

  2. Good going bro. With the changes in the Chinese law’s the efforts are duly noted and needed!!! Thank you.
    Kind regards,
    SL. PWH585

  3. Not sure if this is allowed but does anyone have contact details or reputable resellers for any decent UK based ugls??

  4. Can you please look into Avogen Labs? ! I’v been using their products with great results and they seem to be becoming a popular domestic

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