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Help! Which UGL? 2022

Finally after what seemed an eternity lockdown is over, and the gyms are back open for the majority of us.
With the opening of the gyms comes the frantic urgency to start our Anabolic Steroid cycles, but which UGL should we be considering? is the question.
It’s a question i cannot answer for a change. Having been away from the scene for a few months, i really have lost touch with just who is still giving us those accurate dosages and sterile product.
Is it one of the old contenders that are still plodding along in the background, contenders such as dimension? dunning or keifei? Or maybe there is a new lab on the scene that is delivering on it’s promise.
Over the course of the new few weeks, i will do my very best to get back to speed with everything that is going on in the UGL world, but for now, can you guys at least give me an idea on what is working for you.
I will be running another Poll this year, for 2022s most popular UGL, so getting some lab names now will surely help me to scratch up the contenders list.
So who’s your money on? literally? what labs are you using guys? let me know below or feel free to email me at


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  1. I’ve been using Maxpro along with my prescribed TRT. Here and there. What I can tell you is that there are a few variants of MP going around the UK. The north east version has had some updates recently. There Sustanon 450 is under dosed. By how much I cannot say without labs. There prop is not so bad but isn’t the best. However there TNT is rocket fuel and this surprises me as Sus 450 is a lot cheaper to make, not to mention propionate. I only tried the TNT for the Masteron and test E. The prices are average for around this area. The source I use is the NE distributor and to say he has no idea is an under statement. However he is a good friend too. I have advised but when the mark up is so high and the guys and girls around here don’t really care what they are taking then I do not blame him. It’s not something that I would do but hey. Who I am. However I have been in the scene for over 20 years. Dunning and Keifei are a little hard to get and as I get my TRT prescription private I have no reason to seek them out as much these days. Plus my dose is no where near supraphysiological as I am happy with what I have mind and body wise. I can say that by my testing the sterility of MP is good and the PIP is not so bad. In this world of fakes and low dose products it is becoming the norm. Thus private TRT for myself due to years of complete shutdown by my own doing.
    I did try MP alone without my TRT for a few months to build up my TRT and sex drive and mental clarity where on par. However I increased my dose the second month to 30% more MP as I felt it was under dosed.
    Keep at it. Best regards,
    S. ✌️🙏✌️

  2. I was previously affiliated with Dunning and they will always be my preferred lab however I have so many face to face sources that potential delayed post puts me off.
    I had a back stash of over several years of meds but recently going myself going to one of my first ever sources who supplies Global Anabolic.
    This Chinese import has always been 100% on all levels with their gh 80iu kits being far superior to ansomone and many others I’ve tried. For me that’s always a tel tale.
    UK ugl on the otherhand I’ve been rather out of touch all bar Cerberus Labs who is a trusted pal and Replays whom I cam also vouch for on a personal level.
    That’s it from me.


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