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Was recently recommended to me by a friend who’s opinion I value greatly.
Brand new UGL based in the United Kingdom. From my understanding, it is a small team that has been behind other successful European UGL brands. It is not uncommon for a popular UGL to go underground, often because of safety and security and whilst the background or history of a UGL may not be important for many, for me it is. I need to know that the quality is of the highest standard and of course, the dosage is exactly as the label tells me. Whilst the word of my friend carries some weight, nothing like a blood test carry’s more.


Initial Blood Test taken with Medichecks, 27th July 2021. At this point, no Anabolic Steroids had been used since the end of 2020, a PCT had taken place, which can be seen by the Testosterone Results that came back.

NORMAL TESTOSTERONE RANGE 8 – 29 nmol. My BEFORE use level was 13.8.
At my age, very happy with that result, although Prolactin levels lower than I would have anticipated.
LH and FSH as expected well under, but then it isn’t an area of concern for me right now.

Each ml of the Bioenhance Testosterone equals the standard generic 250mg. I injected 2ml, 500mg of Testosterone Enanthate in total, in 1 Glute injection.
Zero post injection pain, but then, at this dosage, it should be pretty easy for any UGL to give us a smooth product, providing raw ingredients are high purity and correct procedures in the lab were followed.

4 days later, blood test number 2 was taken.
If 500mg is injected, we should be seeing an increase in testosterone of between 330 – 370%. This is based, not only on past experience, but also official studies performed by the World Anti-Doping Agency.
That gov article known as Effects of different doses of testosterone on gonadotropins, 25-hydroxyvitamin D3, and blood lipids in healthy men can be found here

My AFTER 4 days use level was 65.1 showing an increase of 372% confirming that Bioenhance labs are producing accurate dosages on the Testosterone Enanthate 250 Product.

BEFORE and AFTER Blood Test Results

An extensive list but unable to pass judgment or comment on anything else in the list.
I can recommend the Testosterone 250 product as a professional looking product, smooth with no post injection pain, and the usual sides associated with taking testosterone were pretty quick to show. The motivation in the gym was almost immediate, the water retention followed shortly after, along with the usual libido lift, strength and weight gain. I am still only early days into using this new UGL and feeling pretty positive about this cycle.

Is anyone else using Bioenhance labs? I am interested in some of the other compounds and would love to hear anyone else’s reviews on them. Please let me know at

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  1. I’ve yet to try, or even see them on sale from my usual supplier. I’d be interested where these are for sale.

  2. Wish I’d read this review 5 mins earlier just placed an order and my source has these in stock I’ll give them
    A try next time

  3. Very positive news. I’m not in the know as I have been previously but as you say they look very professional which personally I feel carries some weight, and to get such clear results as that then superb.
    I’d call on them to put out some Labs on Primobolan and Anavar. For me, if a lab is 100% then these two compounds are the benchmark imo.


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