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Using Ethyl Oleate as a carrier

Ethyl Oleate is a fatty acid ester formed by the condensation of oleic acid and ethanol.
Ethyl Oleate, also known as EO is often used as a solvent for pharmaceutical drug preparations involving substances such as anabolic steroids.
Whilst the toxicity of EO is considered low and therefore generally safe to use, it is also worth noting that
the FDA, (FOOD and DRUG Administration) have never approved EO for over-the-counter injectable use.

As competition within the UGL world increases, demand for a higher strength product also increases, which can often only be done by adding solvents such as ETHYL OLEATE.
Most UGLS putting compounds together at the usual dosages will be using the standard format, consisting of GSO, (Grapeseed Oil) BA (Benzyl Alcohol) and BB, (Benzyl Benzoate) but those UGL’s making higher dosed compounds will undoubtedly be using Ethyl Oleate.
Ethyl Oleate will allow the hormone to be carried into the muscle easier than the usual alternatives, resulting in a more
stable product with less pip (Post Injection Pain)

The biggest cause of concern with the use of Ethyl Oleate is the fact that it will react badly with certain
substances, for example, EO will actually dissolve rubber over time which of course, would be extremely dangerous when injecting into the body.
Most UGL’s will be using Rubber Stoppers within the vial, which of course then gives us cause of concern with those labs using EO.
For this reason, ensure that IF your UGL is using EO, they are also using the more expensive but safer non toxic, hypoallergenic thermoplastic rubber stoppers.

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