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Dianabol as a pre workout

Using Dianabol as a pre workout is often mentioned within the bodybuilding fraternity, actually, this particular article was taken from the uk bodybuilding forum Ironsport.

Since the main objective of Dianabol is shuttling protein into muscle, i don’t quite understand the logic behind using it as a pre workout, especially when there is not only an absence of protein to shuttle but also the lack of need by the muscle for that protein.

Surely, if you want to get your best bang for buck when using Dianabol then your timing of when to take your dosage is extremely important and before a workout is certainly not the best timing.

We know that Dianabol, which is the brand name for Methendienone or Methandrostenolone, is designed to shuttle your protein into muscle. We also know that Dianabol has an extremely short half life, therefore take your Dianabol after a hard training session when muscle tissue needs it the most and also consider protein sources that are easily digestible.

Nonetheless, it does seem that there are many users online that do seem to enjoy taking Dianabol as a pre workout. Perhaps it is the extra strength, or the increase in pumps, or maybe it could even be just a hint of a placebo effect, but, whatever the reason, if Dianabol works for you as a pre workout, then who am i to tell you to change your winning format.

My opinion is that there is a better time of the day to take Dianabol than pre workout, especially if best bang for buck is a serious consideration.
if it’s energy you want pre workout, then consider a 200-400mg good dose of caffeine, which in my opinion will surely give the user a better pre workout experience than a Dianabol dose.


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