current bodybuilding diet

What does your current daily food intake look like?
Someone recently asked to take a look at what i was eating in a day, so here it is, i’ve also included the total macro breakdown at the end.
Note, fats go up and down daily, with nuts being my preferred source.

Breakfast (Carbs 53g , Protein 41g , Fat 5g) – (Calories 443)
6 large egg whites
oats with skimmed milk

Pre-Workout Snack (Carbs 26g , Protein 116g , Fat 4g) – (Calories 615)
200g Chicken Breast Fillets
2 x slices Qbake Brown Bread
Isowhey Protein Shake

Post-Workout Snack (Carbs 130g , Protein 82g , Fat 11g) – (Calories 959)
220g Tuna
400g Baked Potato
75g Sweetcorn
30g Salad Cream
400ml Beetroot Juice

Dinner (Carbs 69g , Protein 62g , Fat 6g) – (Calories 586)
150g King Prawns
1 x turkey breast
125g x Rice

Supper (Carbs 65g , Protein 113g , Fat 7g) – (Calories 793)
50g Beef Isolate
330g Chicken Breasts
mixed vegetables

late (Carbs 84g , Protein 51g , Fat 4g) – (Calories 590)
500g Yoghurt
100 g bbq chicken slices

and other vitamins/nutrients

PROTEIN :- 465 gram
CARBS :- 427 gram
FAT :- 37 gram

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