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1-Testosterone (dihydroboldenone)

1-Testosterone is a dihydro (5-alpha reduced) form of boldenone, hence its chemical name dihydroboldenone. It is also structurally almost identical to Primobolan (methenolone), except that 1-testosterone lacks the additional methyl group that was used to increase steroid oral bioavailability. In standard assays, 1-testosterone exceeds Primobolan in potency by a factor of approximately 10.

In terms of its ability to build muscle tissue, its anabolic potency is quite profound. The standard rat assays actually show it to be considerably more active than boldenone, nandrolone, dihydrotestosterone, Primobolan, and even the base androgen testosterone itself. 1-testosterone is without question the most potent naturally occurring steroid to be isolated. Only the synthetics, with their greatly extended half-lives and biological activities, begin to exceed 1 testosterone in milligram for milligram potency.

Being a 5-alpha reduced steroid, 1-testosterone is also incapable of being converted to estrogen. This means there is little chance for gynecomastia, bloating, or fat retention. Users of 1-test are more often than not reporting very lean gains in muscle mass, which are often accompanied by body fat reductions and an increased appearance of hardness to the physique (effects that would be characteristic of a strong non-aromatizing anabolic steroid). The only concern with this is that estrogen plays an important role in not only certain muscle-building (anabolic) processes, but also in the functioning of the central nervous system. One of the few common side effects to be reported with this steroid is tiredness and lethargy, something seen with aromatase inhibitors from time to time. For this reason, many will stack 1 -testosterone with some form of aromatizable steroid, so as to bring estrogen back up to near physiologically normal levels.

1-testosterone is not intrinsically a very orally active hormone. Therefore, it is a little difficult to create a product of extreme potency with this method of administration. It is very much like taking a powerful hormone like testosterone, and trying to stuff it in a capsule. The liver is too efficient at breaking steroids down for this to be effective.

Users have reported gains in lean mass exceeding 10-15 pounds in only a 6-8 week period with this steroid and recommended dose for men is usually in the range of 100-200mg per week (as 1-testosterone cypionate). One must keep in mind that 1-testosterone is several times more potent than testosterone, so a 200mg injection might provide an effect one would expect with as much as 400-600mg of an injectable testosterone ester.

1-Testosterone is probably a little too strong to recommend to women, for fear of virilization symptoms. Should one risk it, it is usually advised to stick with a very low dose, and be sure to discontinue the product immediately if any unwelcome side effects become apparent. I have seen excellent results on a single 25mg 1-testosterone THP soft gel capsule per day in women, but again find the steroid a little strong to recommend myself.

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  1. Fantastic compound if you can source a lab with consistency.
    I’ve ran plenty of Dunning up to 700mg ew with incredible results and the least pip out of 3-4 different UK ugl’s
    Worth running alongside Primo and or Mast just to dilute a little.
    Constant site rotation with deep tissue massage and she’ll serve you well.
    If you’re pin shy and a pip pussy then stick with a dht stack and a dash of trenbolone.

    If your chef knows his beans the dhb is an exotic beaut.


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