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pharmaqo labs review

Seen much discussion online for a popular UGL called Pharmaqo labs.

here is our pharmaqo labs review

The Pharmaqo labs website is located at

At first glance, pharmaqo labs UGL looks very professional, a well-informed website with plenty of information and only the occasional spelling mistake, but it’s good gear we are looking for right?, not an english literature course.

The range of products they do is extensive on both the oral and oil range, and they even have a range of hgh and peptides. There are test results on the site although they are very old now and certainly results from previous batches sold and not the current range, so in all honesty, ignore the test results. There is also the ability to ensure the product you have in your hands is indeed pharmaqo labs because the website offers a verification system, although remember, that doesn’t mean the product you have is dosaged correctly, it’s just letting you know, the product is not counterfeit.

If you listen to the talk across many of the bodybuilding forums regarding pharmaqo labs, you will undoubtedly have read that they are just a rebrand of another lab, and that particular lab here is SIS. So why would a ugl change names? There are many reasons, sometimes security is an issue but more often than not, it’s because the reputation of the brand had gone spiraling downwards and thus a rebrand to stay in business was needed.

We have posted results from sis in the past, and we know that sis was struggling as a reliable ugl. Many reports of under in dosage and actually even reports of wrong compounds. If pharmaqo is indeed a rebrand of sis, then it’s going to be hard to trust the label claims and thus i guess, the following result on the boldenone 300 will come as no surprise to many.

pharmaqo labs boldenone

The test result is on pharmaqo labs boldenone, also known as EQ. (equipoise) with the label claiming the boldenone to be 300 mg per ml, but the test result we can see is showing that to be only 202 mg per ml, meaning that the eq is under in dosage by a total of 98 mg per ml. The whole 10ml vial is short by 980 mg.

pharmaqo labs test result

We now take the analysis from the various testing facilities used such as chemtob/labtox/smrtl/simec and insert the data into our own template, mainly for the reason of  anonymity for the reader who sent us the report.  Please do continue sending us your lab results so that together we can stay well informed on the current state of affairs within the world of the UGL.  Please also note, ONLY RECENT RESULTS (eg within the last 3 months) will be accepted.

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  1. not sure why anyone still uses this lab tbh. cant go wrong with dunning eq, dimension eq, stay away from rohm, too many fakes. also cenzo is awful stuff. currently using dunning labs eq 300 and its superb. vascularity is on point. prepping for the finals in rome. watch ur hct levels though, eq will jack it like no other.

  2. One bottle checked? Ive known many people use this lab with great results! Maybe do a test on 10 bottles overall! And who uses Boldonone anyway!

      • Do some research mate!!! Messes with your brain badly, videos on why to avoid Equipoise. Much better alternatives. Im 59 been around bodybuilding all my life, the gear in the 80s was amazing!

      • Do your research, see what it does to your brain, much better options! Im 59 been around bodybuilding years .

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