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Malay tiger clen

malay tiger clen also known as Clenox is supposed to be 40mcg per tablet but many will say it is over in dosage and could be more than double that. Clenbuterol is extremely difficult to find from a ugl at the exact dosage claim of the label because the dosage is so tiny.  If you can imagine, dianabol 10 for example would be 10 mg per tablet, but clenbuterol’s dosage is much smaller, in this case with malay tiger clenbuterol, it is 40mcg! note mcg is Micrograms and not milligrams. 1mg is 1000mcg so a dosage of 40mcg is going to require some very accurate measurements using specialist equipment that can measure such small increments.

You can scour the internet and find countless reports of the dosage being up and down. Sometimes someone will report the dosage hardly noticeable and then someone somewhere else is saying the exact opposite. Clenbuterol is a dangerous compound to get the dosage wrong, and it does seem like Malay tiger could be hit-and-miss with dosages so just be warned before using and if you are going to use, then at least do so carefully.


I would advise to try just a quarter or maximum of half a tablet to start with so that you can gauge the dosage on the batch you are using.

Here are some of the reviews found online on Malay tiger clen.

I don’t like using it because it was to strong.  My first box i ordered was nowhere near as strong as the second box that arrived.
The second box was so strong, that i seriously considered going to hospital because of the heart palpitations.

I only used half a tablet and it was plenty for me. I have used a whole tablet before and it felt like my heart was going to explode. it is way over in dosage.

i threw mine away because it was just too strong, after using it, i decided i would never touch clenbuterol again, it was that bad.

here is my review of malay tiger clen, and it was not as bad for me as it was for everyone else. I would guess the dosage of the malay clenbuterol to be around 80mcg per tab which is double the claim of the label.

A good contact told me that the clen that malay tiger do is actually not just clen but also contains Albuterol. If that is the case, it will explain why it is so strong. I cant verify this claim though, so take it as just hearsay.


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  1. With the shortage of clenbuterol since it got banned in China meant that it had been supplemented with amphetamines and ephedrine.
    I just dont bother with it anymore Horrid stuff.

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