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I was singing the praises of pharmacom labs on this very website just 1 year ago. The following results completely surprised me, but it does give us all an insight into the world of UGL’S and just how quickly a great lab can change so drastically.

Pharmacom make a product called PHARMA NOLT 300,  which is a blend of nandrolones, also known as Deca. It is a 10ml multi dose vial and the label claims the content of every ml is 300 mg and contains the following dosages of 4 nandrolone esters.

60 mg/ml nandrolone propionate,

60 mg/ml nandrolone phenylpropionate,

90 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate

90 mg/ml nandrolone laurate.

Giving us the 300 mg per ml total.

Sadly the label information is not correct and shows us that not only is the product under in dosage but it also only contains 2 of the stated nandrolone esters meaning that there is zero trace of the other 2 esters the label claims it contains.

The actual dosages within the product NOLT 300 were

0 mg/ml nandrolone propionate

119 mg/ml nandrolone phenylpropionate

173.5 mg/ml nandrolone decanoate

0 mg/ml nandrolone laurate

I have used pharmacom off and on for awhile now, and recently purchased some trenbolone acetate as well as some testosterone propionate and very disapointed, i actually binned the items.

The trenbolone was under in dosage, i knew it within 3 weeks of my first injection, the lab used to be good, but i would no longer use, especially since there are much better labs available.

my wife used the 10mg anavar and felt that it was winstrol.

Based on these findings, this lab can no longer be trusted. I would be weary using and if there are currently no other options to you, then at least get your product tested with one of the various testing services online such as janoshik.

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  1. To be fair this is still a great product even though it’s missing two esters you still get 119 of 120mg of faster acting and 173.5 of 180mg of long acting. So its only 7.5mg less than advertised which is nothing so yes even though the esters are different you are still getting the 300mg of nandrolone you paid for and still split between two esters. So this lab result is by no means enough to make me weary of pharmacom I still use them to this day and I am still very pleased with their products. EVERY single lab will have the occasional bad batch. What matters is consistency as long as they are not regularly putting out bad batches it’s no problem.

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