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Rohm labs have been around now for what seems an eternityReports on quality and dosage have been pretty good consistently.

I was not able to get my usual supply of Dimension Anavar recently and so i decided, for the first time, to give ROHM a chance. So glad i did. The Anavar is excellent and even without a blood test or lab result to back up my claim, i do believe the Anavar is correct in dosage strength as per the label claim of 50mg.

All my usual side effects surfaced quickly with strength gains, incredible pumps, and that vascularity we all crave from a good var product. Sadly libido did take a dive, but that was expected.

My honest opinion, rohm anavar is up there with the best in terms of quality. I would suggest the interested party does keep an eye on blood pressure because it will elevate somewhat at a dosage of 50mg or more and whilst Anavar is a relatively safe oral, it is still a toxic 17 aa steroid and thus its advisable to keep dosages within a reasonably safe range and length of cycle down with an 8- 10 weeks maximum length as a good suggestion. 

You can find plenty of ROHM LAB REVIEWS online from various sources such as forums, but here you will always get the unbiased truth. find below some of our subscribers feedback on personal experiences using ROHM.

Currently using ROHM TTM and highly impressed with it.

Using the Test E from rohm with no problems but i am experiencing heavy pip with the trenbolone.

Be careful where you purchase your ROHM from, it is massively faked.

Been using only ROHM for countless years now, always consistent, its my go to lab.

Rohm had a bad batch of raws recently with the test enanthate, it was very pippy and i had to end up throwing it away, but i have since used the latest batch of test enan and suffered no pip whatsoever.

Rohm Primo is as good as dimension , keifei and dunning.

Stay away from the guy on facebook selling ROHM, its fake.

Only problem with ROHM was the bad batch of test e which most labs got stung with, and all the fake rohm, but if its legit rohm, its the best lab.

It does seem that there are a few ROHM fakes on the market. To be honest, this is no surprise with a good reputable lab. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. I obviously will not give away the contact i use, but, if you have a query on a particular website/shop/email that you are considering using, contact me first, and if they are a known scammer to us, i will of course let you know that.

I repeat, STAY AWAY FROM THE WEBSITE HOMESTEROIDS. Huge scammers that are taking so much money from the iron brothers.

UPDATE 15/06/2022  We have had 3 newsletter subscribers now contact us regarding a website that is currently selling ROHM LABS, that website is called It seems that they currently have stock of rohm labs that is fake. Now of course, the website itself may be completely innocent, but right now, you are advised to avoid buying rohm from london-anabolics.

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  1. Good write up Sir. I’ve always liked the Rohm methyl mst, some turbo tabs they were and probably still are!

    Keep us posted bud.


      • They sell quite a few Rohm products. Legitimacy, unsure, no way to prove it other than anecdotal evidence….. A friend of mine bought Rohm var and clen from them and they worked really well and they worked quickly. His diet and training were on point at the time. I’ll be looking to try their test E and anadrol soon

      • Sorry to hijack this I just purchased some nebido 250 from London anabolics, when purchasing the website picture says 250mg per ml as expected (nebido 250) the one I have been sent is called nebido 250 but underneath says 300mg per ml, I’m stumped looked everywhere on the web and all Rohm nebido 250 says 250 mg per ml have I been sent fake gear do you think?

      • been using ROHM from them for a year or so tried rohm sus 250 and the TTM they are good but maybe slightly under dosed,also tried ROHM andadrol 50 and they were spot on.

  2. Just a quick question mate, was thinking of ordering from musclerapid are they are a reputable site as I was going to be ordering ROHM stuff don’t want fakes obviously. Cheers

  3. Hi considering buying ROHM products from Your views would be greatly appreciated.

    • why would u pay 40 for rubbish anavar when you can get dunning anavar for 25? just use

  4. AVOID London Anabolics. Bought Rohm Labs Anavar from them which was tested to contain Winstrol. I believe Rohm Labs have a good reputation so I’m assuming it is fake, and the problem is with London Anabolics.

    • What colour are the tabs and can you describe the bottle, cause I ordered some from musclerapid. Not convinced its real var.

  5. Jordan your saying avoid London anabolic and they are actually a good site. It’s Rohm been a good lab so they are faked a lot hence why they changed labeling. If using london anabolic just use optimum laboratories I’ve never had an issue with there oils.

  6. Can I get a genuine source for primo? Literally spent £500 over the last two months and both were fake. Got them tested , one was prop and one contained nothing. Is ROHM from London anabolics g2g?

    • Hi Matt. Just try and find Dunning. The current 150mg/ml is 100% legit. If ever brewing comes out any different they will say so and give accurate dosage. SG currently has labs on their primo 200mg/ml however I personally stick with Dunning. Some claim 150mg/ml for like £55 but if it were true they would be selling at a loss. These guys don’t make a great margin on legit primo so if you find a low price version it’s likely underdosed or totally bunk.

      • Dude, the SG primo was janoshik tested and came out as 80mg of primo and 102mg of eq. go figure.

  7. Man alive! Ffs you just can’t trust anyone man ey!
    Thanks for posting bud.
    Imo guys only have to send off 1no legit vile to get a lab result, post that, then put out total gash!
    Was that a recent jano test done independently Bigj?
    Well either way that seals my opinion on Dunnning. I’ve been with them for a good 6-7 years and never had any doubts.
    There you go guys, if you want a trustworthy lab for primo or any other AAS then look no further🙌🏽

  8. It’s a shame.
    I’d like to think that the actual lab is still doing it’s thing, but I fear it’s copies that are not what they ought to be.
    It would be great to know the true source as they have some awesome bespoke products like the methyl mst tabs.
    For me though I just stick with the tried and tested with total trust.

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