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Supremesteroids is a website offering Anabolic Steroids for the UK market. We rarely discuss websites, unless they are scammers, for example, we let everyone know that the website was scamming. But recently we had many review requests for supremesteroidsSince supremesteroids are protecting themselves and letting everyone know where they are with EROIDS and a public listed website, it didn’t seem like a security breach to offer an evaluation.

Supremesteroids are located at and yes, they are legit. Some of our subscribers have used them and for the most part, offer positive reviews with excellent communication and speedy delivery being the more popular submissionsI have been on the website myself and can see that there is a wide range of products available from both decent labs and other labs i don’t rate at allFor me though, the price is the only let down.

If you are located within the UK, then you should have access to a wide range of lab options with many of those options based within the UK. Prices can vary greatly but nobody should be getting ripped off paying stupidly expensive costs. For example, a 10ml vial of Test 250 should be no more than £30. Even a Reseller is likely making 100% profit on a £30 mark up priceTrenbolone’s are a different story, but in my opinion, £40 should be the maximum paid for a Tren 200 for exampleSo whilst supremesteroids may well be a legit website with great customers skills, sadly the prices are too expensiveJust my honest review guys, do what you please with it.


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  1. I agree. Pricing on this site is too much. They do delivery. However the same, if any, are the prices.

  2. I’ve used them in Ireland for 5 years there quality and postage is next to none, any issue I had they happily looked after me very well

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