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SIS LABS who used to be called INFINITI and are now known as PHARMAQO

PHARMAQO will deny the above associations but then it wouldn’t exactly be doing them any favors to be associated with a lab that constantly gave us all bad lab results and sis did, and still do, exactly that.  We have collected a few lab results that SIS LABS have given us. Some of these lab reports are old but it still paints a pretty clear picture on the labs intentions.

SIS Laboratories Testanon 400  has a label claim of

20 mg/ml testosterone acetate, ACTUAL CONTENT 0mg
30 mg/ml testosterone propionate, ACTUAL CONTENT 47mg
30 mg/ml testosterone phenylpropionate, ACTUAL CONTENT 46mg
120 mg/ml testosterone cypionate, ACTUAL CONTENT 48mg
200 mg/ml testosterone decanoate, ACTUAL CONTENT 90mg

SIS Laboratories Tri-Tren 150 has a label claim of

60 mg/ml trenbolone acetate, ACTUAL CONTENT 74mg
50 mg/ml trenbolone enanthate, ACTUAL CONTENT 74mg
40 mg/ml trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, ACTUAL CONTENT 0mg

SIS Laboratories Parabolan 100 has a label claim of

100mg/ml trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate, ACTUAL CONTENT 0mg

SIS Laboratories ANDRO Trenabol 100 has a label claim of

100 mg/ml trenbolone acetate, ACTUAL CONTENT 84mg

SIS Laboratories Test Depot 300 has a label claim of

300 mg/ml testosterone enanthate, ACTUAL CONTENT 287mg

SIS Laboratories Boldenone 300 has a label claim of

300 mg/ml boldenone undecylenate, ACTUAL CONTENT 250mg

SIS LABS is not only making products that are under in dosage, but some of the more expensive compounds such as Tren Hex are missing. Whilst one could assume that it could be at the china end that a raw mismatch occurred, with the above results consistently showing missing compounds or low dosages, i think it is extremely likely that the lab sis are deliberately scamming customers.

Some of our subscribers have been giving us sis lab reviews for many months and we have put together some of the more recent sis reviews for you to look at.  As always guys, my views are not shared by everyone so do with my information what you wish.


been using sis test 300 at 500mg a week but just got my blood results back and my test levels are only just above average, this is not where they should be, the sis test is under in dosage 100%.

used sis for a year now, but the orals have really gone downhill . i have decided to jump ship and find another lab.

i threw my sis anadrol away it was completely bunk, no water retention, no strength gains in the gym, and im the guy that gets nosebleeds from dianabol. stay away from sis labs.

was using the parabolan and i always feel incredible on it. after 4 weeks, i changed to dunning and within 2 weeks i was feeling fantastic. sis labs is rubbish. stick to the tried and tested labs guys.

sis labs is just rebranded infiniti, they go to so much effort to give us such a quality looking product with the labelling, the verify codes etc and then they short change us on the product within. such a shame that labs do this. I have since heard that sis labs is now pharmaqo, and hearing great reports on pharmaqo at the moment but based on how they go downhill, its just a matter of time until they start the same old get rich quick scheme.

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  1. Pharmaqo is owned by the former employee of sis labs who ran everything for the owners and fucked them over and stole the business from them

  2. Pharmaqo is produce in macau china all my order coming from China. We all in New York using it and much great results.

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