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Synergy Forge Primobolan 200

There is a site on the internet that some of us will know by the abbreviation SST.  (The community for harm reduction) The sources on SST pay for there spot. One of those sources is a respected one called SYNERGY FORGE. 

Synergy make a very interesting product called Primo 200.  The fact that the dosage is so high is extremely welcoming.  Primobolan is one of those compounds that needs to be used at a high dosage to really appreciate it, and with most UGLs giving us Primo at just 100mg per ml, it can lead to frequent injections, not to mention the amount of oil we need to inject.

We have the lab test report for the Primobolan 200 and sadly it does show the product to be under in dosage by 43.58mg.  I’m not sure what action Synergy Forge took in light of this result, but i think a fair one would be to re-adjust price and change label to Primo 150.

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