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trestolone acetate aka ment

Trestolone Acetate, which is also known as MENT, (7-alpha-methyl-nortestosterone) has gained lots of interest recently and there are now many UGLs across the world making it in its Acetate version. Ment was originally manufactured in the 1960s as a male contraceptive, but because of its amazingly incredible ability to build muscle tissue fast, it has gained massive popularity within the bodybuilding fraternity.

Trestolone aka Ment does share many characteristics that are usually associated with Testosterone as well as some similarities to Trenbolone. The unusual surprising thing with Ment is that it is in fact the only anabolic steroid currently on the market that can still sustain normal male physiology which includes sexual functioning, even in the absence of testosterone. Which would then take us into the question on whether or not we would include a testosterone base within any cycle involving Ment. It really is a personal choice on test as an addition, but it certainly is not needed. Be warned, Use of an AI is essential, Ment aromatizes like nothing else and can cause an excess of estrogen extremely quickly. Whilst estrogen build up of course plays a valuable role in building muscle tissue, the build up with use of this drug can quickly be unmanageable and thus really does need more attention than usual.

So just how good is trestolone at building muscle?
Looking at some of the studies comparing Ment to Testosterone we can see in rat studies alone, the rats fed with Ment, on a mg to mg basis, became 10 times bigger than the rats fed testosterone.. Yes you read that right, 10 times bigger! Based on these findings alone, is there a stronger more potent steroid on the market than ment? i think not. Even comparing Ment with another hugely potent Trenbolone. Ment outperforms by 250%
Having said all this, there are of course many variables that come into play when using steroids, just because a rat increased in size 10 times that of testosterone, dont be fooled into thinking this will translate the same into humans. It is merely a study that we can take guidance from.

my dosage was 50 mg ed. the lab i chose for this was dunning labs who produce a ment at 50 mg per ml. i chose not to use a testosterone as a base. I also added in aromasin at 12.5 mg every other day, this obviously kept gyno away but i did still get quite a lot of water retention which did start to become uncontrollable towards the end, in hindsight i would’ve raised the dosage on the aromasin to daily rather than every other.
No question about it, Ment is strong, within days i was adding weight on the scales, and strength was starting to climb in the gym. I have heard many reports online that sides were similar to use of trenbolone, i did not experience this personally. However, aggression levels for me were definitely increased. At times, it even felt like i was running Anadrol having a huge impact on my mood and whilst this added aggression was working for me in the gym, it certainly wasn’t working for me with home life.
Total weight gain was 18lb over 8 weeks. Much of this was water. For me, the look wasn’t desirable. no question it works for those who are looking to gain size and strength, and in my honest opinion, i think it would be really tough to find a better steroid at doing just that, but it’s that extra water weight that comes with it, and the added aggression which at times became too much. If you are considering using trestolone, pay more attention to your AI than i did, eg 12.5 mg every day would be more suitable than every other.

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  1. My experience with ment has been completely different used 3 different labs Southern ghost, Intex and dunning at different times. Been as high as 50 mg per day but usually run it at 20-25 mg. No AI needed, no gyno, wouldn’t say agression was any more noticeable but definite strength and weight gain. Some water weight no doubt but not excessively so. Always ran it with a test base (test e) between 400-500 mg per week. Also ran it once with test and npp again no AI. I’m either lucky on the aromatizing or all 3 labs were bunk/not ment lol.

    • If you don’t aromatise whilst being on 400-500mg test per week only, you can call yourself lucky. not mentioning about adding ment;)

      • Lol yeah I guess so but never had to use an AI or a Serm in all my years of training and using gear, I’m 54 now.

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