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cenzo pharma review

CENZO PHARMA is a UGL that can be found all over Europe, and sold right across the UK via various outlets. When CENZO PHARMA who i believe gentech are behind, first hit the scene, the initial reaction seemed good, with some decent reviews uploaded onto various forums. Sadly, yet another UGL that has decided, retaining customers is not as important as making money.

It would not surprise me if we now see the slow demise of CENZO PHARMA because recently the reports have changed, and even some of my subscribers have shown me blood work which suggests a dosage very different to the label claim.

One of our customers have sent us a recent lab result for CENZO PHARMA TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE which is supposed to be 300 mg per ml

The lab result performed by chemtox shows the dosage to be less than half that at just 147mg per ml.
This is a UGL that should be avoided and honestly, i would guess that the dosage is under on every single compound they are selling.

Please keep the lab results coming guys, i will make sure names are protected, we just need to keep the iron brothers scammer free. lab reports can be emailed to me on

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  1. Hi Adam.
    Undoubtedly under dosed as I have used this product myself and although was as smooth as butter I didn’t feel any better on it and no particular gains.
    I’m running their rip blend 300 just now and honestly can’t feel the test prop at all at 100mg per ml, I did however get tightness in my throat with my last pin signalling that tren was present.I generally use dunnning test ace and when I got it with that the pain and severity of the ability to get my breath back was on a different level…considerably underdosed gear!..pity they went to all that effort on labelling and packaging but couldn’t provide the actual product..disappointing!

  2. Used them before, there orals are also rubbish. Didn’t feel a thing from there anadrol at 100mg daily.

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