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intex pharma review

intex pharma review

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Used the test prop from intex pharma and found it to be ok. i didnt suffer with the usual pip i’m used to getting with other labs i have used in the past.

My training partner’s intex pharma review, i was using the test 400 and deca and also didn’t get any pip issues, but wasn’t blown away by the results. We ended up trying another lab for our follow-up cycle.

Here is my intex pharma review. I found intex pharma over at eroids and tried the test 300. i have used lots of brands of test 300 over the years, and without question, the test300 produced by intex pharma was the most painful one i have tried. It gave me a lump and pip for days. i won’t use them again.

Used the test and deca and it did what i expected it toono complaints from me and will use in my next stack use.INTEX PHARMA

Used intex for my contest prep last year and although i suspect the oils were under in dosage i didn’t do a lab test result and so can’t confirm this to be the case.

The orals were awful. i was using 150 mg of anadrol a day at one point and didn’t suffer a single side effect. Tried rohm anadrol afterwards and had the desired effect from just 50 mg a day.

intex pharma is just another sis re-brand. Look at the packaging, its pretty much identical and the quality is as bad as sis as well.

Used the intex pharma test enanthate and was using 500 mg per week for 4 weeks but got my blood results back and the level was way under where it should have been so i changed to pharmacom.

Unimpressed with intex pharma tren, was weaker than the label claim.

The orals are just garbage, what it is with ugl labs and the tablets they produce, always falling short of expectation.

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  1. Intex is great gear, and it has nothing to do with SIS, They had one bad batch of test E a couple years ago, which was painful and that was noticed and rectified straight away, last 3 cycles I ran over past 2 years was only Intex, Test E is dosed very accurately, primo was great too, was doing test E 500mg/week, Mast E 500mg/week, primo E 600mg/ week for 4months added var50 for the last 4 weeks at 50mg/day. This was my recent one.

    Amazing results, recently they are performing a lot of lab testing by Jano – all great result.
    All can be verified by Janoshik.

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