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what is wrong with the orals?

It really does seem that some UGL’s at the moment just don’t seem to be giving us an oral range that is consistent.
How many times have we all read a favorable review on a particular UGL’s Anavar only to then read another review elsewhere with complete contradiction claiming the Anavar to be bunk!

rotary tablet press

UGL’s are usually small operations, which means access to large lab equipment is unlikely.
Your UGL making the oral range would rather be using something like a Rotary press, but large & expensive means smaller alternatives such as the Desktop Tablet Press are often used.
Assuming the UGL is using a Desktop Tablet Press, i can guarantee you that the oral range will be inconsistent.

desktop tablet press

Even if the mixing before it gets to the tablet press was thorough, it’s impossible for the active hormone powder to fall through the chute on a press at the exact same time as the other powders within the mix such as the lubricants, binders, colors.  Simple physics will tell us this with the molecule weight of each powder being very different. Those first few hundred tablets made will be very different to the last few hundred.

If we want to add even more complications to the tablet creation, how about the mixing of the ingredients beforehand?
Imagine the task for just a second.
ANAVAR at 10 mg per tablet.
let’s say each tablet with binders holds a total of 400 mg of powder.
The UGL is going to need to mix around 1 kg of tablet binders with just 100gram of hormone.
Please tell me how he could be sure that 100 mg was evenly spread between the kg without using a piece of equipment specifically made for the mixing?

I truly believe this is where many UGL’s are going wrong with oral creation. It just doesn’t make sense for a decent UGL to give us excellent, accurate oils and then bunk orals.
If the oils are good, but the orals are bad then my guess is poor mixing combined with cheaper pressing.

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  1. Here here
    Way too much variation, Anavar being the most notable oral with drastic variation.
    Sometimes it’s a 100% banger almost too much, others its “bloody hell, do I take four?”
    I’ve bought Var at a said 25mg before, double dropped with major headaches After speaking to chef “sorry bud it was actually 50mg” ok this was miss labelled but dam, I’ve not had legit Var dose wise in at least two years, and that’s from people I consider friends.
    Its evidently an issue across the board and I actually think that most labs want to hit the 100% mark.
    Tbh we know how much orals do a number on us, Injectable orals are the future imo.
    Oil winny is sublime, 50mg eod is plenty and yields a good 100mg of oral visually imo.
    Hey ho. Most labs do there best I like to think. The underground nature of this scene will always carry the odd annoyance.

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