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TEST400 seems very popular at the moment with many UGL’s now selling test 400 made up of various esters. The most common esters that are currently seen in the test400 are enanthate, cypionate and decanoate. Reason for the use of these esters is the time release, with all 3 being long esters.
Testosterone Enanthate has a half-life of 10.5 days, Cypionate has a slightly longer half-life of 12 days and decanoate longer again at 15 days, meaning these three testosterones do actually work very well together within a blend
Of course, this isn’t the only option to UGL’s when making a test 400, although it is extremely unlikely to find a short ester test400 simply because the pip (post injection pain) would be 100% guaranteed and an abscess very possible.
I have seen some UGL’s putting test400’s together with the use of testosterone propionate, although usually the amount of test prop within the compound would be minimal and of course, adding short esters to the mix could lead to pip.


Pip within a test 400 product is possible, and i would even go on to say likely.
Of course, this isn’t always a guarantee, some users will report a smooth product, it really is an individual thing and no real explanation why some guys are more sensitive than others to post injection pain.

So why do we get pip with high concentration blends such as test 400?
Some guys will tell you it’s due to the amount of solvents used. Actually no more solvents should be used on a test 400 product than a test 250. The type of solvent used COULD be a factor with pip.
Many users struggle with the solvent Ethyl Oleate, aka EO.
EO really is a vicious solvent that over time has even been shown to eat away at the stopper within the vial. EO can cause pip for many users but for the UGL’s pushing the dosages, EO is needed, otherwise the product is just too thick to use and will cause pip no matter who tries to inject it.

Pip can be caused for a variety of reasons but pip caused by a high strength product is usually as a result of the compound having difficulty moving through the body. The product can then sit in the area of injection for many days, and it really is down to chance whether it becomes an infection later on.
Remember the amount of powder in a 1ml of test 250 is 0.2grams. 0.2grams of powder will disperse through the tissue with ease.
The amount of powder in a test400 product is 0.4grams. 0.4 grams of powder will struggle to disperse and could pool.

If you are purchasing a test 400 that claims to be all the same ester, such as testosterone enanthate, and it’s smooth. Get it checked out, id be willing to bet it is not 400 mg per ml.

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