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Human growth hormone for bodybuilding

Human growth hormone for bodybuilding
What is Human Growth Hormone?
Human Growth Hormone, which is also known as HGH, is created by the pituitary gland. When we are all young, HGH has a role to ensure the right amount of bone, muscle and tissue is built. If we have too much of this hormone in our younger years we can actually grow too quickly and become giants, and likewise, if we do not have enough hgh in our younger years we can remain small.

HGH doesn’t just affect us in our younger years though.
As we become older, hgh will take on the role of protecting our muscle tissue from wasting away. It will also help us to burn fat, support out immune system and maintain our skin, in fact hgh can be summed up in 1 generalization by saying it will help us to delay the inevitable which of course is getting old. Our Human growth hormone levels decline as we get older and thus aging occurs, hence why hgh is just so popular in the later years.
Human growth hormone for bodybuilding is highly useful because of the many advantages. Of course, first there is that aging delay, But two extremely valuable side effects of taking growth are…

1, INCREASE IN MUSCLE (dosage related)
HGH has a vital role in regulating protein metabolism and increases protein anabolism in muscle tissue. It will increase protein synthesis as well as increasing amino acid uptake, which will result in more muscle tissue growth.

HGH stimulates lipolysis. That hard to shift stored fat on the body is more easily broken down into fatty acids. As a fatty acid, it will be released to the body to be used as energy and thus fat loss occurs.

lets not forget the sense of well-being, the heart health benefits, the lipid profile improvement, and the hugely desirable effect of giving the body the ability to heal much faster than usual.
It must also be noted, that HGH is not going to give you the quick gains you are used to getting when using Anabolic Steroids for example. Results can be slow, it really is something to take if you are in it for the long run. Some users can experience results quicker than others, but for the most part, it’s a longer process and will take time for the results to show. Of course, dosage related.

What about HGH dosage?
For general health, well-being, anti-aging and fat loss, a dosage of 2-3 iu per day would suffice.
For gaining muscle tissue, for maximum fat loss and drastically improving our body composition then a minimum dosage of 5iu should be considered. For advanced bodybuilders that minimum number could be as high as 10iu.
Adding anabolic steroids into the equation, such as testosterone would be extremely beneficial although not essential.

When should i take my HGH dosage?
This can alter depending on the age of the user or even the objective. Someone who is still producing their own natural HGH production, eg those between the age of 20-50 would be producing it at night, and thus HGH taken during the day would be a better option.
Those that may not be producing HGH anymore, eg the older user, likely 50+ could take the HGH dosage before bedtime, and thus simulate the natural pattern of how your HGH would be released in your earlier years.

Pharma HGH or UGL?
Pharma HGH will always be a better product than UGL. If you have access to genuine pharma hgh that has been stored correctly, and you have the funds to support the use, then always go pharma, but that’s not to say there isn’t any good underground labs producing good HGH because nowadays there are plenty. I am currently using a ugl called GENXTROPIN and i have to say, it’s the best UGL growth i have ever used. I purchase my growth from and i am currently paying £125 for 100iu. If you are considering giving genxtropin a try, you can verify the product bought directly with them at


My personal review on HGH.
I have used HGH now for many years. I do use Insulin alongside, and of course i do use anabolic steroids.
Everyone will tell you that the results obtained from taking HGH are slow and take many months. I disagree somewhat. I would like to add within that statement, DOSAGE RELATED.. It really is a case of the more you take, the faster the change in composition.
HGH really is a game changer for those of us of a certain age when both keeping muscle tissue and burning fat becomes harder. HGH is the single most important compound within my arsenal of supplements that helps me to stay in shape all year round. My dosage is never below 5iu a day, and rarely above 10iu, but at this dosage i can expect my bf to remain close to single digits yearly. Not to mention the ability that growth gives my body to repair from the untold workload i ask it to do daily. I can expect to remain injury free, tendons and ligaments can remain strong, not to mention the elasticity my skin gets.

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  1. Hey bro. You say that genxtropin hgh is the best you have ever used, but did you use the hgh from keifei allso?? I find them both the 2 best hgh brands on the market. From the one from keifei i get less tired then the one from genx. Can you please tell me if you like the hgh from genx better then the one from keifei??

    Thanks in regards


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