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Rebranded optimum-biotech. Adelphi research steroids are a big player on the UGL scene, especially on the european market.  I remember seeing some lab results posted back in 2020 from chemtox showing some of the most accurate dosages i have ever seen. Remarkable accuracy that even pharma grade labs would struggle to get near.  Low and behold, a blind result a few months later did show those results to either be fake or a rare occurrence with the later result showing the test enan to be under the label claim.

A Subscriber to our newsletter has sent us a very recent lab result showing Adelphi Research Testosterone 300 to be extremely under in dosage and also containing another compound other than the enanthate.

Having used the UGL human growth hormone from adelphi research and had much success with it, the above result is surprising to me.  Since adelphi research used to be optimum-biotech, and we all know what started happening with those dosages, is this yet another downgrade in quality and another rebrand will follow shortly?  Is anyone else currently using Adelphi steroids and how are you finding them?  With so many other better options now on the market, i think it could be time to move away from Adelphi.

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  1. Looks like a photoshop to me and a very bad one lol. About 6 different fonts on one document not even remotely lined up or legit looking.I’ve been using their stuff for 3 months plus and have had great results. Def not 127mg/ml. Just my experience. Hope this helps

    • David, this is a template, not the actual results. Yes this template is just a simple photoshop, but it’s taken from an original result sent to us.. this particular one was chemtox.
      We use our own templates now. We just take the data from the result sent.
      I have no idea if the lab is legit or not, or even if the result is legit but the customer is a reputable one and I do trust the data he sent

  2. Adelphi is nothing to do with the OB brand, OB is still out there, Adelphi is just cheap oils imported from India.

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